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Many students do not like to involve themselves in arguments with other people, but still, as a slice of academic bread, they must know the way of composing an argumentative essay to win the debate at any moment.

An essay writer needs to write a remarkable piece of writing not merely to impress your teacher and friends but also to earn good grades in the subject. For accomplishing this purpose, it is important to create an argumentative essay outline that will provide you an adequate direction to follow the right track to complete your essay. You have to organize your thoughts related to specific topics through brainstorming. Basically, an outline of an essay is an active platform that assists to blend ideas collectively prior to writing. Or you can ask others to write my essay.

Outline to craft an Argumentative Essay

The structure of the outline of the essay would be identical to the structure of the whole essay. The only variation is that you incorporate the entire info in the main body section whereas; in creating outlines you only make the points of arguments.

Generally, four main sections exist to compose any argumentative writing such as:

  1. Intro section
  2. Main body Section comprised of 3 to 4 solid arguments
  3. One section to express contrary arguments
  4. Concluding Phase

Obviously, you have to concentrate on supporting your statement of thesis instead of the antagonists. The contrary viewpoint is incorporated only to reveal the objectivity of the writer with his judgments and he values all current opposing points of views of others.

4 Key Sections of an Outline


Just like other essays, argumentative essays also begin with an attention-grabbing intro to hook the interest of the reader. But, you need to know your audience and their perceptions about your particular theme.

Remember, you are not supposed to mess up this section by including every detail. Simply mention the topic and leave a clue on what will be discussed and argued in the next paragraphs of the argumentative piece. Give a brief explanation of the significance of the topic and its degree of relevance to the audience. Lastly, in the intro compose a strong statement of the thesis to support your core point of view precisely. In case you need help, you can ask a paper writing service to write your introduction.

Main Body Section

In body paragraphs, mention 3 to 4 supporting arguments to back up your opinions. But each argument should be discussed in a separate paragraph. Don’t forget to state the topic sentence in the first line of each paragraph. You must have to include strong evidence to make others believe in your words. The evidence in the essay must be based on reliable info and facts that are found during the process of research.

Exploring Claims of Opponents

You should be clear that the bookworm would consider that you have stated subjective judgments unless you include a contrary argument. It must be clear that various individuals have various viewpoints regarding a similar topic, so keep your patience up. You have to provide sufficient evidence against each opposing argument to prove yourself right. It might sound hard for you, but once you start practicing nothing will be difficult.

Concluding Phase

Finally, the moment has come to wrap up everything and provide a summary of the essay in a few lines briefly. So, rephrase the statement of the thesis and make your arguments a winning piece. Again, rewrite the significance of a selected topic. In this way, you can complete your well-structured argumentative essay.

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