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Formatting. I swear it's worse than writing. Really. Setting all the things in a paper so that it is exactly perfect is downright annoying.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Not if you format your paper before you start writing. Like those people at an essay writing service do. They know all the tips and tricks, and luckily for you, so do I. And I am willing to share.

So, let me tell you all about the guidelines for formatting a paper following the APA style. Why APA, you ask? That's because it’s tough, so you will need all the help that you can get.

Let’s get going then.

Rule #1: The Margins Should be Set First

Why? Well, it’s really not that complex. When you set the margins at the end, it messes up the entire paper. All your effort gets lost as you have to set up the paper all over again.

So, it is best if an essay writer formats the paper first and then goes about writing it so that everything is set up.

Rule #2: Check the Headings

This is super important. In APA format, different heading levels exist, and each level is written in its own unique way. Like level one heading is written in bold and placed in the center.

The second-level heading is also bold but placed on the left side of the page.

So, you need to know when to use which heading.

Rule #3: Create a Cover Page

In APA, we do have a cover page, and that page contains all the information related to you.

Like your name, the name of your institution, and other similar information, along with the title of your document. You can also place a note here if you want.

This information is placed in the middle of the page for everyone to see.

Rule #4: The Abstract

Ok, so in APA, we do have an abstract, but many times you don’t even need it unless you are writing a dissertation.

But in case you are, you should know that the average length for an abstract is 150 words. You will have to sum up your whole paper in half a page at best. You can also say write my essay for me if you face any difficulty in writing the abstract.

Rule #5: Referencing Format

APA style referencing look something like this:

  • Last Name, F. M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From - To.

This is for a journal article.

Note the sequence. If you have multiple authors, then you can separate their names with a comma.

Also, note that the name of the journal is in italics.

“Pages” refers to the page number of the journal.

Rule #6: The Font

In most cases, we use fonts that are easily readable. So for APA, the suggested font styles are Times New Roman (I know how boring) and Courier.

The font size of these styles is kept at 12. Not less, not more. Even the headings are kept at 12.

Most people just use Times New Roman; using Courier is actually very rare.

Rule #7: Running Header

This is the statement that will be at the head of every page you write. The header will contain the “shortened title” of your paper.

Most papers have a long title, so you will have to think of a short title to go along with it.

You will put this title in your header, which will be placed at the top left of every page.

That’s all I can tell you.

Because that’s all, I know. But, if you need more information, then you can always find the cheapest paper writing service to help you out. Ask for a References page, and they will give you one, or you can ask for a sample paper for your choice of format.

Then, you will understand how all this works.

But don’t choose a service that is too good to be true. Those are usually scammers, so beware. Constant vigilance!

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