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“Nature” is everywhere and it influences you so deeply if you have a deeper love with and for nature. It is no wonder that no medicine in the world can replace the treatment done to us by nature with its marvelous and miraculous exposures. A new life is instilled in everything around us with the wonders of nature. Nature makes you feel its presence wherever you are.

The first ray of sun in the morning welcomes a bright, shiny, and energetic day. Drops of rain paint bright color in nature and everything around us looks fresh, lively, and newly born. Cool breeze refreshes your body, mind, and soul and puts a smile on your face. Imagining or witnessing a live stream of crystal water flowing downhill in a green meadow gives you a pleasure that can never be defined in words.

The mother earth is a heaven of fauna and flora. It presents unbelievably wonderful and mesmerizing beautiful scenes that are even far beyond the fictitious depiction of the nature lover poets and writers in their writings. William Wordsworth painted bright and vivid pictures of nature in his writings especially in the “Daffodils” but he and all other nature lovers could never imagine or create a scenario like the one presented to humans every day in Kauai, HI which is known as “The Land of Everyday Rainbows”. There is no example of such a perfect and lovely balance between the rain, sun, and the rainbows appearing after the rain. It looks like angels have built a bridge of seven colors connecting mother earth to heaven. Whether you have or not the taste and mood for enjoying nature, the land of rainbows in Kauai, HI challenges you to witness the scenario and control yourself from getting mesmerized and hypnotized.

Tips to write a Descriptive Essay about Nature

If you are a student and you face troubles and difficulties in writing the basic descriptive essays especially about nature, this blog can help you resolve your problems. You can take help from the best essay writing service who will provide you with the best descriptive essay examples through which you can get an idea of how to write one yourself. Few important tips to write a short descriptive essay are given here to help you. Read them carefully and practice writing your descriptive essay to learn it properly.

  1. A descriptive essay tends to explain, depict, or narrate your personal feelings, observations, and experience about nature. So, the first thing an essay writer has to do is to brainstorm, think, and note down the key points you will like to write about your descriptive essay on nature.
  2. The purpose of a descriptive essay about nature is to portray a beautiful natural scene in the reader’s mind. So, you should think about a scenario that has ever influenced you most. Writing upon real scenarios that you have witnessed yourself creates lasting impacts.
  3. Be careful in selecting appropriate words that can best create the specific meanings you wish to convey. Try consulting the dictionary or an essay writer service to find words that you think will impress your reader.
  4. Use your power of imagination, creativity, and narration to describe a lovely natural scenario at best possible you can. Build your emotional connection with the scenario to explain it more affectionately and enthusiastically. This will create deeper impacts on your reader and they will start to imagine the scenario you narrated.
  5. Stay focused on your objective, goal, and purpose and do not stray away from the main theme. Include relatively important details about the surroundings of the scenario you are writing about but the major focus must remain upon the exact scenario itself.

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