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If you want to write a good paper, then you must possess some techniques with dedication to work for long hours with undivided attention. It requires that you look for data relevant to your topic meaning, spending hours in the library, often with no concept of weekends. Especially if you get a paper with a short deadline; in such case, you do not have enough choice except to run your head through books and articles.

It is one of the reasons that students often find it challenging to write a good research paper. A research paper is made of different components and an outline is one of them. It cannot be completed without the inclusion of an outline. Whether you are writing it in high school, college, or university it has its unique significance which cannot be denied. Sometimes writing a research paper outline can be difficult as most students do not know the proper pattern to follow. There is a professional academic paper writing service that provides outlines free of cost and you can take help in drafting your own outline. I am writing down a general outline sample that you can incorporate in any essay with slight changes. I am sure it will prove beneficial for you and you will secure good grades.

Winning Research Paper Outline

For writing an outline you should be clear about your topic and from how many aspects it can be explained or discussed. You may find a lot of data during your primary research but you cannot incorporate all of it in your essay. That is why you have to narrow down to a specific point, usually known as the thesis statement. Without further ado here is a sample outline:

  • Outline:
    • Title: How did the Federalists Papers Influence on the Ratification of the American Constitution.
    • Thesis Statement: The Federalists Papers made some valid arguments against Anti-Federalists and defended their position in terms of separation of powers and stated that only a federal government would be successful. They opposed giving powers to states that opposed the federal constitution and both parties agreed on the inclusion of 'Bill of Rights.'
  • Introduction
    • Generally, discuss the ideas and concepts mentioned in the essay.
    • You can also discuss the title of your essay in general by narrowing it down to your thesis statement mentioned above.
    • Separately, discuss the powers of the executive, legislative, and executive and how these three institutions evolved in a newly independent country.
  • Background
    • Discuss why Federalists wanted to implement their form of Constitution
    • What were the real intentions of Federalists
  • Arguments in favor of Union
    • Union would be more beneficial for newly independent states
    • It would provide security against internal and external threats
  • Arguments for complete separation of powers
    • Anti-Federalists were in favor of the complete separation of powers of legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
  • Arguments in favor of single executive and against a plural executive
    • Anti-Federalist did not want to give too many powers to Federal Government they thought that it would create another Monarchy on the American mainland
    • Federalists wanted a plural executive
      • They wanted to make it sure that the executive must be able to have decisions in emergency
  • Arguments in favor of judicial review
    • Why did Anti-Federalists not like the behavior of judges?
    • Federalists were in favor to protect the judicial branch
  • Conclusion
    • Reinstate your thesis statement
    • Summarize all previously mentioned arguments
    • Highlight that, why did Federalists remain successful?

Generally, an essay writer can follow this pattern for his essay; just change the details depending upon your essay topic. Best of luck!

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