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An argumentative essay is a very important and significant type of academic writing. First of all, let’s get a quick refresher on what qualifies as an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay closely resembles a persuasive essay but the main difference is that the former makes use of factual information and logic rather than emotional arguments.

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Let’s take a look at helpful academic phrases that can render a professional yet elegant look to your argumentative essay. If a student wants to write an outstanding essay, first of all, language skills must be developed to curate an argument. An argumentative essay needs some phrases which add spice to the overall outlook of the essay. These phrases can also be regarded as sign-posts as these phrases give specific directions to the readers. Or you can also get help from a paper writing service at affordable rates.

When the writer has to write in lists or create the argument in chronological order;

  • -First(ly)
  • -Second(ly)
  • -Third(ly)
  • -In addition;
  • -In addition to;
  • -Yet another;
  • - Finally,
  • -Moreover,
  • -Next,
  • -Then,
  • -And to conclude;
  • -Lastly,
  • -To begin with;
  • -In the second place,

When the writer has to introduce or insert examples

  • -An example of this is,
  • -For instance,
  • -To illustrate,
  • -To exemplify,
  • -Mainly,
  • -Chiefly,
  • -Notably,
  • -Particularly,
  • -Such as,
  • -As follows,
  • -As in the following example,

When the writer wants to emphasize on an earlier argument or specific viewpoint

  • -In spite of a,
  • -Despite a,
  • -While it may be true,
  • -Although,
  • -At the same time,
  • -On the other hand,
  • -All the same,
  • -Although x may have a good point
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When the same idea has to be put in another way

  • -In that case;
  • -To put it simply,
  • -With this in mind,
  • -To look at this another way;
  • -Following a different line of approach

When the writer has to add support to a point which has already been made

  • -Above all,
  • -As well as,
  • -In addition to,
  • -Besides,
  • -Neither...Nor,
  • -Not only, ... , But also,
  • -In the same way,
  • -In fact,
  • -In reality,
  • -With respect to,
  • - As for,
  • -Regarding

When the writer wants to show the results of something

  • -Therefore,
  • -As a result,
  • -So,
  • -It can be seen that,
  • -Resultantly,
  • -Consequently,
  • - As a direct consequence of this,’
  • -The result is,
  • -The consequence is,
  • -We can see that,
  • -So,
  • -It is evident that,
  • -For this reason,
  • -Because of this,
  • -In other words,
  • -It follows that,
  • -Due to,

When the writer wants to sum up arguments,

  • -The evidence highlights that…
  • -There is a general consensus that.
  • -There is a general agreement that…
  • -The strength of such an approach is that…

When the writer wants to point out opposing arguments,

  • -Those who disagree with this idea,
  • -Those who are against this idea may want to assert that,
  • -Opponents of this idea maintain that,
  • -Opponents of this idea claim that,
  • -Some researchers may disagree with this,

When the writer wants to introduce an alternative view,

  • -By contrast,
  • -Again,
  • -Alternatively,
  • -Another way of viewing this is,
  • -On the one hand, on the other hand,
  • -On the contrary
  • -In fact,
  • -Although,

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