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If you are reporting ideas that you have learned from other sources, then all those ideas should be supported with citations. If you are presenting a series of ideas from one source, then it is not necessary to repeat that citation in every sentence, as long as it is clear that the ideas all came from the same source. But it may be to your advantage to provide more than one citation to support an idea, particularly if the idea is controversial. Citing additional sources that support an idea gives strength to the argument that the idea has merit.

Generally speaking, "Harvard style" is sometimes used to indicate any parenthetical author-date citation system. However, strictly speaking, "Harvard style referencing" specifically refers to the standards of the "name and date" section of BS ISO 690:2010, which is used commonly in the UK.

In between the "loose" and "strict" interpretations, sometimes what is meant by "Harvard style" is some modified standard based on but not conforming to BS ISO or ISO 690:2010. Some of these, for instance, utilize a comma separating the author and date inside a parenthetical citation, which is not stipulated in the ISO 690:2010 document. You should check with your professor to verify exactly what he or she would like you to do. Otherwise, you should just go with what is printed in the ISO standard.

ISO 690:2010 Section A.2, "Name and date system (Harvard system)," is excerpted below. Generally, for in-text parenthetical citations, you will simply indicate the author's last name followed by the year the work was created, with additional lower-case letters to distinguish multiple works written by the same author in the same year. For instance, you might use "(Smith 1980)" to cite a 1980 work written by C. Smith.

Harvard citation never uses reference numbers in the text and in the bibliography. This is then the key to quickly find the title in the bibliography. Since your list is numbered, it is a Vancouver type style.

The references in the bibliography are listed in alphabetical order or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Parenthetical references:

As to when you should add a parenthetical citation in your own work. It's partly subjective and a bit complicated and it's always best to err on the side of caution (i.e., using too many citations) so as to avoid plagiarism. One general rule of thumb is that you should always cite a reference if the fact or idea is one that you or your reader would have to look up in that reference to verify. These may include both simple facts ("the population in China was 1.36 billion in 2013") or conclusions or opinions drawn from an outside source ("Lincoln was justified in suspending the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War").

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Depending on your audience, what counts as "common knowledge" that your reader is assumed to have varied. It's safe to assume, for example, that biologists would know that a ribosome has two subunits, but you might have to cite that fact in a paper directed toward a non-scientific audience. Use your judgment but ask your instructor if you are ever unsure.

Indeed, in a well-prepared research paper, you will have at least one citation per paragraph, with the more dense sections having a citation each sentence.

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