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Referencing is a practice to ensure that every time you cite a study or book by another essay writer, you correctly tell your reader of your source. This not only prevents plagiarism but also informs your examiners and readers of the extent of existing research to support your work. There are different referencing methods, all of which differ slightly from one another. Giving credit to the interpretation and ideas of authors you cite not only shows recognition to their work but also gives a strong theoretical basis for your arguments. The use of a transparent source allows you to show the originality of your work. It provides your readers to further pursue a topic and to determine the validity of your interpretation.

Out of all citation styles, the Oxford style is one of the most difficult ones as it follows different formats for books, journal articles, websites, etc. Suppose you have written excellent research papers but you have not accurately referenced your work by using the Oxford citation. Then your paper is worth nothing. If you are also facing the issue of adding citations in the oxford style in your research paper, then follow the below guidelines. Oxford citation style is a way of referencing sources by adding footnotes in the text. The system of oxford referencing was developed by Oxford University and comprises two main components: footnote citation and reference list. Please follow the below steps to add a citation in the oxford style or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Step 1

Choose which type of source you want to add (e.g. website, book, article, etc.)

Step 2

Write all details of your relevant source (e.g. title, author, URL, date, etc.) in your research paper.

Step 3

Make sure that all details of in-text citation (page number, author, etc.) are correct and follow an Oxford-style guideline. Oxford Referencing style uses footnotes to present the information at the end of each page. The footnotes and in-text citations are added at the end of the text or in the middle of the paragraph whereas the bibliography is added at the end of the document. You can also add footnotes automatically in the Microsoft Word document, just click on the insert menu and select ‘Footnotes’ from the top-down list. A footnote should contain information regarding the title of the book, author surname & initials, publication place, page number, and date. If you want to cite a dissertation in your paper, the footnotes should include the following information:

  • Author’s initial
  • Book title
  • Publisher Name
  • Publication Place
  • Date
  • Page number

If you want to cite a journal article, then your footnotes will include the following information:

  • Superscript number
  • Author initial name
  • Author Surname
  • Title
  • Volume
  • Page number
  • Year

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An example is A. Walker, ‘Beating the System,' Economics 102, vol. 11, no. 4, 2003, p.102

When you cite a website. Footnote Should include

  • Author Initials
  • Page number
  • Subscript number
  • Name of website
  • Date of Publication
  • URL
  • Accessed date

Example: 1 J. Philips, ‘Lifetime Experience: Reaching Mars,' Space Travel [website], 2014,, accessed 5th August 2015

Step 4

Create a bibliography list. Make sure that your research paper contains a bibliography that starts at the end of the document on a separate page. You must include all secondary sources that are present in your text or footnotes as it provides evidence on how widely and deeply you have carried out the research. All entries should be organized in alphabetical order in the bibliography otherwise it will look similar to footnotes. Most of the students are concerned about referencing in their research papers. Thus, try to make this section as perfect as possible.

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