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Are you tired of thinking about all the rules when it comes to academic writing? Different essays, reports, and reviews require you to follow a set format. Even if you slightly deviate from these rules, your instructor might drop your grade heavily. If you want a solution to this problem along with an important rule for narrative essays, you are in the right place.

What is a narrative essay?

Have you been told by your school teachers to write a personal story about any event? Well, in college, that story is called a narrative essay. Compared to high school, the structure of a narrative essay is of key essence. You must write your essay in an ordered manner and include all the necessary characteristics of good narration. If you are creative and can follow a simple format, you can ace all your next narrative essays.

Format to follow

The introduction of a narrative essay is very important because it acts as a glue between the reader and your story. End your introduction with a thesis statement that prepares the reader for the upcoming story. Now you have to provide the background, plot, characters, and major events. This part should be very strong; therefore, it is recommended that an essay writing service be contacted for the job, that is if it is your first time writing such an essay. After writing your conclusion, analyze your whole essay, and if you feel like the essay is ineffective (not interesting or has plot holes), ask the writing services to draft a new essay for you.

Rules Regarding Direct Quotes in your Narration

Quotes are important in narrative writing because the reader uses them to relate to the characters of your story. Direct quotes are one or more sentences written exactly how the character describes them. To portray the exact words, you use quotation marks to express their words. Indirect quotes do not require quotation marks and are usually paraphrased. By following the given sets of rules, you can add direct quotes to your essay:

  1. 1. Single vs. double quotation marks

    You might be confused about whether to use "" or ‘’ when adding direct quotes to your dialogues. In your essay, you should use double inverted commas for direct quotes. If there is a quote within your quote, use single inverted commas for the inside quote. See the example below to understand the concept.

    John started trembling and said, “As soon as I reached my home, I could hear my mom shout at my dad, ‘Get out of the house and never show your face here ever again,’ So I was hesitant while going inside.”

  2. 2. New paragraph for a new person

    A rule that a lot of students fail to follow is paragraph breaking. As soon as the dialogue is shifted to the other person, the paragraph has to change. The given example will help you better understand

    “it’s 12 am; You should be home by now,” my mom shouted.

    “It’ll just be 10 more minutes, mom,” I replied

  3. 3. Some obvious rules
    • Take care of your sentence structure and grammar
    • Make sure the reader easily knows who is speaking
    • The sentences within the quotes should also follow basic grammar and sentence structure rules
    • There is no need to write the character’s name each time. You can use ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ if it is making sense

There is no other essay that requires as many direct quotes as narrative writing. An essay writer should proofread the document thoroughly while examining its final draft. If all of this seems confusing, you may be wondering to yourself whether there are online services that can write an essay for you. There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you find yourself asking this question because I even thought about it when I had to write my essay for me. You can search for such services, send them your rough draft, and tell them to make it error-free.


Narrative essays are like stories. It should be free-flowing and interesting from the start to the end. Make sure you properly integrate your quotes within the essay. You can also consult an online paper writing service for this task.

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