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Without refutation and counter-argument, your persuasive or argumentative essays would be incomplete. Moreover, you will be considered a biased writer, with a narrow mind, who is unable to acknowledge the opposing point of view. Therefore, to maintain your impartiality you should acknowledge the aspects of the opponents’ point of view and then decently invalidate them by providing substantive refutation.

What is a counter-argument?

Any argument that challenges the thesis statement of your essay, completely or a part of it, is termed as a counter-argument. It represents the views of the skeptics who do not agree with your thesis.

Why should you add counterargument and refutation to your essay?

No matter how good arguments you have presented in your essay, to prove your thesis, it would be considered incomplete if you had not presented and refuted the counterarguments. Counter-arguments not only show the reader that the essay writer is impartial and open to looking at the opposing point of view. But it also adds to the strength of the thesis by showing the reader that the opposing point of view is faulty and less-realistic.

What refutation should do?

The refutation in your essay should uncover the faultiness in the counter-argument. It should explain why and where the opposing point of view is falling short and how your thesis is addressing all the lacunas and is better than the position of the opposition.

Where to put the counter-argument?

There is no hard and fast rule about the exact position of the counter-argument in your essays. However, you can add a counter-argument at these locations in your essay:

  • In the introduction: You can place a counter-argument in the introduction of your essay, just before the thesis statement.
  • After the introduction: One can also add it after the introduction in a separate paragraph.
  • Within a body paragraph: You can also present a counter-argument in any of the body paragraphs.
  • Before the conclusion: After presenting your arguments, you can add a refutation and counter-argument in a paragraph, before concluding your essay. If you are confused about it, consult the best essay writing service now.

How to present a counter-argument?

A counter-argument in your essay would have two parts. In the first, you will act as a skeptic and provide a logical argument challenging your thesis statement. In the second part, you will rebut this counter-argument by providing substantial evidence and logical reasoning.

  • Think like a skeptic reader: Put yourself in the shoe of any reader who you think might disagree with your position. If your thesis is supporting a vegetarian diet, you should put yourself in the shoe or stomach of a meat lover. You can start as “Critics would disagree…” or “some might say that…
  • Cite a credible source or any group of people against your proposition i.e. environmentalists would argue that…

After presenting the counter-argument and citing some resources to support it, you should build a case against your point. Now it’s time to refute the counter-argument.

Sighing already? You still have to rebut the counter-argument. Does it seem like too much work? Well, you can always hire a legit ‘ write my essay for me’ service to add counter-argument and refutation in your essay or to write a complete essay for you.

How to rebut the counter-argument?

Here you would acknowledge that there is or might be some truth to the claims of the opposition but they are built on either cherry-picked evidence or the claims are exaggerated. You should cite a credible source form the relevant field. You can also invalidate the counter-argument by providing research data that denies any credibility to the claims of the opposition.

After you are done with the counterargument and refutation, you should briefly explain why your claims are better and more realistic than that of your opposition.

This complete guide will help you add counter arguments in your essay effectively. However, if you are still confused, hire an essay writer service now.

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