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Do you have an idea about how many application essays college administrative officers read a day? A college application is not about your test score and grades. But it is a piece of paper that puts a light on your personality. Specifically, a college application essay reflects who you are despite your academics and schooling activities. So, always make it interesting, otherwise, admission or administrative officers may skip reading your essay.

A student should make the best of his/her efforts while composing a college application essay. Because a college application essay requires students to breathe their lives into it. Your college application essay should be of high quality from every aspect. Because it is not the key if it only speaks about you. But it must put an incredible impression on the person who reads it. This means that your college application essay should contain good and impressive content or you can ask others to write my essay.

To make an attention-grabbing college application essay, you should focus on;

  1. Your story
  2. Making the point
  3. Content and writing style
  4. Arguments and evidence

You should focus on the terms/points listed above because you are not only telling about your life. But you are aiming to persuade the reader to accept you as a standing entity (candidate). Hence, to make a masterful college application essay that stands out and impresses the reader, you must develop a strong Hook.

A hook of a college application essay is 1 to 2 opening sentences that open the essay (opening sentences). These sentences (hook) serve to catch the attention of the reader. As well as to assist the reader to decide, does he/she want to read more or stop reading? In short, there is always a huge significance of a credible and strong hook.

But sometimes, students make a mistake by adding irrelevant hooks. And this mistake may lead to destroying everything. Hence, always add the most relevant hook to your essay. Otherwise, you will be surviving to make an essay that will stand out.

It may indeed not be an easy task to add a perfect hook to your essay especially if it is your first time writing a college application essay. If so then prefer checking college application essay examples to an idea about how to use a hook in your essay. Because reading these essays will tell you how other writers (or students) have added hooks to their college application essays.

You understood what an essay hook is and why it is important! Outstanding! Let’s enhance our knowledge and understanding in this area by learning different hook examples. Below are the most amazing and powerful essay hooks you can add to your college application essays. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

Amazing Hooks Examples

1. Meaningful and useful advice

Putting something that works as meaningful and useful advice is key to add a strong hook. Because giving the reader a kind of advice is very beneficial. You can capture the attention of your reader if you offer/give them something useful and credible.

2. Stats or statistical facts

Adding a particular statistical fact is considered a great contribution to your essay. Shocking facts about a particular topic of a college application essay may grab the reader’s attention. Because they would not be aware of it. Hence, adding statistical facts is the best way to add a hook to your college application essay.

3. A credible and unique definition

It is true that we sometimes have to read an essay where we are not fully aware of the meaning of the topic. We may not recognize the efforts of the essay writer if we fail to understand the meaning of the topic. Hence, you (as a student) always have an opportunity to add a definition of a term as a hook. You can also give a simple definition of a term if the term/topic is too unique. Or you cannot reach the depth of the topic.

4. A statement

Adding a statement as a hook is a very common act of students. Many students prefer to start their college application essays with a strong statement. You can have a large number of statements to add as a hook. But choose the most relevant and credible one. Otherwise, you may struggle to get recognized.

In short, try to surprise your reader with something amazing or something they are not known to, yet. But always avoid putting something poor and inappropriate.

5. Anecdote

Some students think that they should not add something funny when writing a college application essay. But do not think so. You can add something comical but formal and relevant. Because evaluators of your essay are also humans like you. So he/she may like to read something interesting.

So, you can begin your college application essay with a short comical story to rupture the frost. To do so, you can talk about something popular or famous. As well as you could rely on your own experiences.


A Quote is an amazing example of an essay hook for college application essays. There are millions of quotes you can find on Google. But not everyone is of your use. Hence, look for a relevant and convincing quote to add as a hook.

Adding a famous quote is comparatively simpler than adding facts and anecdotes etc. Because you only need to copy and paste it in quotation marks. But again, make sure it is relevant otherwise you are going to make a critical mistake.

Remember; you can also ask a question to start your essay and that would be your hook. If you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

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