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Verily, writing an essay is a tough job. However, this job seems more tedious when you have to decide on the topic as well. Being a student and a beginner essay writer, it always scares me to make choices because it is hard to choose a dress for the party and our literate minds. “Teachers” expect us to choose the topic and then come up with an essay that can leave Shakespeare and Milton imprinted on the paper.

Well, life is too short to struggle with papers and old books looking for topics, it is the time to live life on the toes of technology. You are getting it right, this narration will end all the worries related to the choice of literary analysis essay topics but it is important to develop an understanding of literary analysis first.

The literary analysis reflects something that is related to literature but evaluated from a contemporary point of view. It is similar to the idea of writing a critique because both jobs lead to the same results. So, a literary essay will be a critical account that will help to understand the comparative and contrastive features of a topic and how these features can be evaluated from a third-person point of view.

Life is so unpredictable and one aspect of unpredictability is, you might not be able to evaluate and find an interesting topic. But there are a lot of ways that can be used to find an interesting topic for your middle school. These options can not only help to get a topic but find a clear and parallel guide as well. These treasure options can be found at different English literature in colloquial connotations, "literature" websites. While many people run their own sections and columns that can help to get clear insights.

When it comes to literary analysis, stick to literature because it is the most monotonous yet versatile subject that can leave you with thousands of topics. Starting from the time of the French Revolution to date, there are some significant controversies that are neither resolved nor discussed. Those controversies can be a topic for an essay.

There are two amazing steps that can be taken to decide on the amazing literary topics.

  1. Look for a “Professional”. He will not only help you look for a topic but he will guide you regarding the flow of the topic and the subjects that you need to cover while writing your essay. Taking help from a professional essay writing service is one of the most reliable and convenient ways of looking for good literary essay topics.
  2. The last, but not the least step to be followed is, “looking for facts”. Yes, looking for facts regarding literary eras and literary movements will help to get a topic. These facts can be localized in funny, critical, mythological, and philosophical aspects. These facts can be found on the internet, in magazines, and in columns as well.

Following all these steps, your perfect literary essay topic, along with following up directions will be available, no matter how furious your instructor is or no matter how limited time you have. If none of these work, the following are the ten amazing literary essay topics that you can consider:

  1. Role of gender in Shakespearean plays
  2. Theme of light and dark in modern plays
  3. Fate and freewill in Hamlet
  4. Agony in Romeo and Juliet
  5. Cultural elements in Macbeth
  6. Interpersonal attributes in Macbeth
  7. Role of witchcraft in Macbeth
  8. Sophocles and Antigone
  9. Social construction in play design in the modern era
  10. French Revolution; a blessing in disguise

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