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Students might be wondering about executing the task of academic writing in such a way that should help them attain a favorable grade. One of the most seemingly daunting tasks in the academic life of any student is essay writing. There are many types of essays and students have to write almost every type of essay while they are enrolled in any program. The best way of substantiating thoughts and credible ideas in a descriptive essay is through the addition of quotes.

But… What is a descriptive essay?

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay requires students to describe something. This can boost the ability of students to generate a written account of something which they have undergone. It can be the narration of a specific experience as well. In order to write a successful descriptive essay, the key is to create a visual tool in the thoughts of the readership. This can be achieved by enticing all five senses of the readers, i.e sound, flavor, sight, contact, and odor. If you are confused, you can ask someone to write my essay.

What are some tips to write a highly effective descriptive essay?

  • Start with reading and analyzing the topic of the descriptive essay carefully. Narrow the contents of the topic which are gathered initially, as much as you can to ensure that it is relevant to the task, but at the same time, preserve its significance.
  • To give a fresh and unique perspective on the topic, write a concise and comprehensive outline. The thesis statement should be included in the outline.
  • Make a list of all the relevant and interesting quotations for illustrating the key points. Students may get them after reading the extensive literature material, but it is mandatory to ensure that each quote is connected to the essence of the descriptive essay.

How should quotes be added to a descriptive essay?

  • Quotations should be added at moments in the essay that are strategically selected. Students can find extensive samples online if they want to read and scan through descriptive essay examples, compare and contrast essay examples, and cause-effect essay examples. Upon reading those, students will get an idea about the importance of quotations in any type of essay. Remember, you can always get help from a paper writing service to get done with your writing tasks.
  • to introduce quotes, commonly three types of verbs can be used:
    1. 1. Stronger verbs
      • agrees.
      • rejects.
      • argues.
      • compares. (the two studies)
      • asserts.
      • admits.
      • cautions.
      • disputes.
      • emphasizes.
      • contends.
      • insists.
      • maintains.
      • refutes.
      • claims.
      • endorses.
    2. 2. Neutral verbs:
      • says.
      • notes.
      • believes.
      • observes.
      • comments.
      • relates.
      • declares.
      • remarks.
      • discusses.
      • reports.
      • explains.
      • reveals.
      • expresses.
      • states.
      • mentions.
      • acknowledges.
      • suggests.
      • thinks.
    3. 3. Inference verbs
      • imply.
      • suggests.
      • thinks.
  • to introduce a quotation, Students can use a full sentence followed by a colon
  • A sentence can be started in the own words of a student, and then a quote can follow to emphasize the credibility.

How to integrate quotes in a descriptive essay?

It depends on the nature of the quote

Quotes can be passages from other sources that can be used to develop the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs of an analytical essay. The nature of the quote must add insight to the already existing argument of the essay writer. Moreover, the choice of the quote must also be aligned with the intrinsic quality of the essay’s discussion.

  • It depends on the length of the quote

    This is a very crucial element and if due attention is not paid to this, it can destroy the essence of any essay. Entire reliance on quotations always brings multiple problems for the students. One should never depend on multiple quotes to tell the whole story.

  • Smooth transition of the quote in the rest of the text must be ensured

    In order to achieve a good flow, quotations must always be blended with the rest of the essay and interweave with other ideas for an increased level of readability. In case you need help, ask an essay writing service to complete this task for you.

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