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Most students believe that writing an essay is a hectic task, not because the prompts are difficult. But the main reason is, that the simplest of prompts can be very time-consuming to write on. To some extent, it is true because essay writing does take a lot of time in research and organizing data into a proper sequence. However, writing an essay can be a fun activity too only if an essay writer knows all the right techniques to follow. Essay assignments are important to write during the academic period so it is better to learn all those techniques rather than feeling guilty about it.

A guide to writing Compare and Contrast Essay

The purpose of this type of essay is to analyze the similarities and differences between two different subjects. Along with these two, it also makes logical arguments about the main subject matter. Do not feel intimidated from this essay and just follow the following steps; I am sure you can write a very good essay by yourself at the end.

Formulate your argument

Before you start writing an essay just sit down and formulate an argument and pick two unique subjects which can be compared with other things. For example, Game of Thrones vs. the book or homemade pizza vs. frozen pizza.

Meaningful analysis

Your analysis should not be random rather it must possess some unique qualities. That is why you should always choose a unique topic from which you and the reader can learn something new. Try to raise questions because it would create validity in your arguments.

Brainstorm your ideas

This step is important as it would help you to formulate your ideas into a specific pattern which you can later include in your essay. Indeed you do not have to think about all the points but brainstorming would give you a basic idea about the sequence of your essay. For facts and figures, you can search online for data just try to write down the qualities of each subject matter which you have selected for your essay.

Narrow down your research

You may get a lot of data in your research but you cannot incorporate all of it in your essay. Just narrow it down to a specific topic that you want to compare and contrast. For example, if you are comparing house pets like cats and dogs, then they would be the same in their diet pattern while different in their allergies.

Outline of your essay

Whether you are writing a simple essay or college term paper, the outline is an important part; something you cannot do without. You can organize it in the form of introduction, body paragraphs, acknowledgments, and conclusion.


You will start writing your essay from an introduction in which you will summarize all ideas discussed in the essay. You can also generally discuss the topic and end it with the thesis statement.

Develop your thesis statement

You can only develop your thesis statement if you have narrowed down your research. This statement would direct your essay in a certain direction and how you would conclude it. You can include that dogs are better pets than cats because they require less maintenance and care. In your essay, you will compare and contrast different elements to prove your point.

Body Paragraphs

You will present all your arguments in this part with your analysis and comparison. You can decide structure by following this sequence, subject by subject, point by point, and compare then contrast. If you think it is too much for you to handle, do not worry about it because there's always the option of hiring a good write my essay service to obtain help from a professional writer, or to let them proofread your work and fix up the errors.


In this paragraph, you would reinstate your thesis statement by summarizing all evidence. But you have to be sophisticated in this part as you have to summarize your whole essay. For example, you can state that homemade pizza is healthier than frozen pizza because we care about its quality.

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