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Have you been assigned to write a classification essay on music genres? Are you stressing because you do not know where to start? Do you not know how to write a classification essay? Well, do not worry, I have got you. Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite song and relax before I show you how to write a classification essay outline like a professional essay writer.

Do you listen to music? What is your favorite genre of music? Of course, you listen to music, and probably you might be listening to your favorite song right now if you acted upon my advice in the above paragraph. You may not know how many categories and classes of music are there but I bet you surely know that there are a lot of different kinds of music. This is the reason why classification essays in music genres are assigned by teachers to students because they are easy to categorize and classify due to their various categories.

You can divide music according to the time of their evolution: modern music, renaissance, medieval, classical, and z generation’s music. You can also classify music according to its speed into slow, fast, and moderate music categories. For the sake of this blog, I would focus on categorizing the music into most popular genres these days. You can also ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

Outlining a classification essay on music genres

You might think that outlines are a waste of time but I beg to differ. Outlines are the time-saving tool. An outline does not only help you to make a plan for your essay and decide what information goes where but also saves a lot of time in the long run as your whole essay is planned. A classification essay outline acts as a skeleton of your essay and you only have to add flesh to this skeleton to complete your essay. Like every other five-paragraph essay, a classification essay would also have three main parts:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook statement
    2. An overview or background of the topic
    3. Thesis statement
  2. Body

    In the body of the essay, you will have to classify the music genres into various categories according to the thesis statement. You will discuss only one category in one paragraph. However, you can discuss three to five different items that fall in the ambit of respective categories.

    1. First body paragraph

      This would discuss the first and most important category of music. You will discuss three to five items that fall under this category.

      1. First item
      2. Second item
      3. Third item
    2. Second and third body paragraphs

      Each of the body paragraphs would focus on one category. In every paragraph, you will discuss only one category of music, and different items that fall into that category.

  3. Conclusion
  4. Example of classification essay outline on music genres


    Almost everybody listens to some kind of music. Music has become an important part of our everyday life.

    Because of the different cultures across the world, different genres of music have emerged.

    The most popular genres of music are Rap, country music, and rock.

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    First paragraph: Rap music

    Rap music, also known as hip hop music, is one of the most widely listened to music in the world. Different categories of rock music are being developed as they spread across the world.

    1. Breakbeat
    2. Alternative hip hop
    3. Chopper and screwed

    Second Body paragraph: Country Music

    Evolved from old-time music, country music is a popular genre of music. It is told in the form of a story.

    1. Country rock
    2. Outlaw music
    3. Honkatonk

    Third body paragraph: Rock music

    This is a form of angry music. It is quite popular among the young generation.

    1. Blues-rock
    2. British Invasion
    3. Progressive rock


Rap music, country, and rock are the three most popular categories of music. Due to their increasing popularity, their new subgenres are emerging with time. You can also ask others to write my essay for me.

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