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Writing Conventions is a term that refers to elements that can add sense and meaning to writing. The term "convention" is added to space where there is a generally accepted practice or usage. In English language, conventions refer to aspects of written English such as choice of punctuation, the actual layout of the written content such as a letter, or the format that is academically followed. Writing conventions not only add the aesthetic sense but it also helps readers to add thrift and flux to reading. It will help an essay writer to add sense to the reading because non-stop reading will appear robotic and it will lack meaning. Then, there are many curriculums or courses in which writing conventions hold grades and marks.

This narration will be a brief account in understanding writing conventions in an essay and understandable language. It is because without conventions it is hard to interpret, read, and quote language with all its requirements.

Some significant writing conventions are spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. They serve as the core element of understandable writing and it is one of the reasons that these conventions are taught to children in early education. From our school days, we are introduced to capitalization, grammar, and punctuation, etc.


This convention tells that every new sentence will have a capital letter in the beginning. Use capital letters where there is a proper name or there is a title. Capitalization is used to emphasize and add importance to a word. It also helps to shorten up long names in the form of acronyms.


It refers to the structure of language, or to the pattern in which words are used to convey meaning. Proper grammar adds to the meaning of a sentence and it helps readers to understand whatever is being written. There are some major elements of grammar that need consideration such as, use of clauses and phrases. Adding parts of speech is also important. Maintaining the structure of sentence and paragraph is also considered as a major component of grammar, referring to the agreement between subject and verb. You can also ask an essay writer service to check your grammar and punctuation.


Spelling is one of the central elements of written language. It is one of the reasons that from our childhood, we are taught spellings. Many times, we are asked to learn spellings before we are able to realize its scope. They are considered as the central component because if the structure is a bit distorted it will work as one approach to extract a little bit of sense but spelling errors can hamper the entire linguistic approach. Then, in many of the cases, it is the spelling that makes all the difference, such as stationary and stationery. So, it is important to learn them correctly or ask someone to write my essay for me that can convey meaning.


When we talk about conventions, we usually talk about making sense and it would not be wrong to say that more than half of the sense of the text is made by the correct use of punctuations. Some simple examples of punctuation are the use of the period, commas, hyphens, semicolons, and full stop, etc. There are several examples of it, both funny and literal. Let’s consider this

A woman without her man is nothing

If punctuation is added then it would be either

A woman, without her man, is nothing


A woman: without her, man is nothing

So, this is how punctuation does all the magic.

Thus, using all these conventions, you can not only add meaning to your writing but these conventions are necessary to adhere to the structural and literal obligations that are required by the text. You can also consult the best essay writing service to get a better idea of using these conventions.

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