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Writing an essay is hard since you are required to do research, gather data, demonstrate exceptional writing abilities, format it, etc. However, if you have selected the right topic then believe me writing an essay isn’t that hard. But before an essay writer begins his search for a topic, he must determine the essay type.

Are you assigned a task to write an analytical essay? Do you want to know what an analytical essay is? If yes, then you are in the right place. An analytical essay requires you to present a claim or some type of argument about what you will be analyzing. Most often students have required a piece of writing or even a film but your professor may even ask you to analyze any issue or an idea as well.

If you are looking for ideas to write an analytical essay, then I have shortlisted a few analytical essay topics from which you can pick the one that is as per your professor’s instruction, and that interests you the most. Make sure that you choose a topic on which you have sufficient background information since it will make it easier for you to gather data or you can always ask others to write my essay.


  1. Racial inequality: an issue that can be avoided
  2. Gay marriages and their impact on society
  3. Violent video games for children: the pros and cons
  4. Why is graffiti gaining popularity?
  5. Why is doping considered the biggest issue in sports?


  1. Bullying in schools
  2. Imperativeness of sex education
  3. Importance of arts in education
  4. Pros and cons of uniform in schools
  5. Online education system: pros and cons


  1. Analyze the theme in the play Hamlet
  2. Analyze the character of Ophelia in the play hamlet
  3. Analyze the bravery of Beowulf
  4. Evaluate the mood of Shakespeare sonnets
  5. Analyze the cultural context of the book


  1. Advantages of films over books
  2. Impact of horror shows on child psychology
  3. Analyze a movie that is based on true events
  4. Should children be allowed to watch TV?
  5. Should historical movies be a part of the school’s curriculum?

If you need some good topics, consult an essay writing service to do it for you.


  1. Animal testing and moral obligations
  2. Animal hunting
  3. Why are dogs considered loyal pet?
  4. Should kids live with animals?
  5. Why are certain microbes harmful while a few are helpful?


  1. Is there a correlation between personality and upbringing?
  2. Gambling addiction: causes and consequences
  3. Drug addiction: choice or a disease
  4. Different forms of addiction among teenagers
  5. Reasons behind personality disorders


  1. Pros and cons of health insurance
  2. Does art therapy work?
  3. Influence of music on health
  4. Does behavioural therapy help in treating criminals?
  5. How family stability impacts children?


  1. Influence of mass media on teens
  2. Is social media the real cause of an increase in teens' suicidal rates?
  3. Impact of violent videogames on teens behaviour
  4. Reasons for cyberbullying
  5. How to combat drug addiction issues among teens?


  1. Are gangs real?
  2. Capital punishments: pros and cons
  3. How to reduce crime rates?
  4. Graffiti and crimes: what is the connection between the two?

I hope that you have selected a topic and must have started the writing process. If you aren’t able to pick a topic yet, then I suggest you pick more than one topic, and then from that list filter out the one that you think is the most suitable and easy to comprehend.

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