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Annotated Bibliography refers to the list of citations collected from different reading materials such as books, documents, and other articles. Each of the citations is actually followed by a descriptive and brief account of the main idea, purpose, or central argument that is discussed in the book. In the end, there is a short account of the effectiveness of the citation or the chosen source for your work. A good annotated bibliography is about 150 words long.

There are multiple purposes for using annotated bibliography. It not only helps the readers to know the central ideas and arguments that are discussed but also helps an individual to make choices for the research writing. Here, it is important to note that the annotated bibliography serves as a primary step to work on an extensive research project.

I always found writing an annotated bibliography a difficult task. It is because a researcher is required to locate the accurate resource first and then carry out a detailed and extensive study on that resource so that the requirements of the annotated bibliography are fulfilled. Taking into account the complexity of tasks I often consult an essay writing service so that they can help me write a good bibliography or provide me with the easiest guide.

Taking into account the main purpose of this type of bibliography i.e. collecting data for extensive research projects, I think annotated bibliography is one of the best support to collect the relevant and required data. An essay writer will agree with my point after knowing my experience that is counted as both good and worst at the same time.

Once I had to work on a research project. Although it was a collective task, still it was more like conquering a battlefield because research requires an in-depth study. We started with an annotated bibliography and we worked for consecutive 18 hours to find the resources. We reviewed different readings such as research articles, books, magazines, and the essay and papers related to the topic.

Usually, 25-35 resources are required for a research project that means you are required to consult at least 50 resources. As our project was of a low-grade weightage, we were required to add 25 citations. For this, we consulted about 40 resources. You might be thinking why we did so? Yes, it is the most interesting part of the experience. We selected 40 resources out of the enthusiasm to give our best and then it turned out to be the worst because we had to read all 40 resources.

We wrote annotated bibliographies for all the 40 resources but while we were writing we observed that some of the researches were deviating from our project aims. It was the most adventurous part because we had a large margin to make a choice so we excluded all the resources that were even a bit irrelevant. In the end, we were left with 28 perfect resources and we added all 28 to our study. Thus, the annotated bibliography helped us with the best literature review as we were having the most accurate resources. However, the most appealing point is, we actually got the highest score because the annotated bibliography helped us evaluate our resources at a very microscopic level. Or you can ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

From my experience, at least I can assert that annotated bibliography is more like a mandatory step to ensure quality work. It will not only add to the essence of study but it is one of the best approaches that can help you believe and make sure that your work is credible and it is worth presenting. I should not ignore the help that I received from the writing services because without such services I was unable to know what I am supposed to write in the annotated bibliography. You can always ask a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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