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Have you ever been given the most difficult assignment that you did not want to do no matter what? Well, an annotated bibliography is that type of task.

Annotated bibliographies used to make my head spin. As a student or an essay writer, I would complain endlessly about writing one. But I wrote one anyway. And that gave me some ideas as to how to write one.

So, if you are stuck with a bibliography then, lucky for you, I can help. Here are some annotated bibliography topics that will suit well on a student of any field. They are bold and generic which will get you plenty of data.

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Topic 1: Acid Rain

This is an easy enough topic. I am sure you learned much about acid rain as a child and now it is time to expand that knowledge.

Search some articles on how acid rain occurs, its side effects, how it is harmful, and how can we stop it or control it.

Once you have this information, choose the articles that are most worthy.

Topic 2: Genetic Modification

This is a controversial subject so you will get many conflicting articles and papers on it.

My suggestion is that you study the topic thoroughly. Once you have done it then you will have to take a stand. Are you for or against genetic modification?

Now, search for papers that support your perspective.

Topic 3: Animal Testing

Another controversial topic that divides a lot of people into two. The good thing about these divisive topics is that you get plenty of information on them.

The bad thing is that it is hard to decide which side to choose. Although in this case, it might just be easy.

Search for the effects of animal testing and you will know.

Topic 4: Nuclear Weapons

I suppose I do have a lot of controversial topics for you. Even the creators of the nuclear bomb were horrified by their invention so that says something about the topic at hand.

You can search up nuclear disasters in recent history or you can point up the regional tensions that require such weapons. Your call.

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Topic 5: Slavery

Now, here is a topic that is not controversial at all. In today’s day and age, everyone is against slavery, so if you want a topic that is simple, then this one should be it.

For this topic, you will need to look upon the history of slavery and how it has an effect on people to this day.

Topic 6: Healthcare Reforms

No matter which country you are from, you will admit that the healthcare system is not perfect. Which means that it needs reforms.

Here, you can look up the kinds of reforms that you think will be best for your country. You can even focus on a particular state if you like.

Topic 7: Educational Reforms

Similarly, just as the healthcare system needs reforms, so does the education system. I think that this system needs far more reforms but this really depends on your perspective.

Here you can talk about a great many things. Standardized testing, college debt, the business of money-making, etc.

Do thorough research on these topics and maybe include an article on the effects of a poor education system.

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