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The use of authentic resources in writing a thesis, or research paper or essay writing online is considered essential. Such credible sources and references increase the credibility of a written piece of work. Often, it is required to provide details of these references in alphabetical order with a brief explanation for each resource. It is called writing an Annotated Bibliography.

Though, writing an annotated bibliography proves to be really hectic, time, and energy-consuming, as well as a difficult job. However, it lessens the struggles for and makes it easier to write your assignment given the required research is already done and you have got a clear idea about what to write after going through your resources in detail.

Here you will find important tips and guidelines on how to write a good annotated bibliography assignment easily. Read it thoroughly and carefully to understand every important aspect of the guidelines given below here. Or you can always ask others to write my paper for me at affordable rates.

Research to Select your Resources

The first and foremost important step is to research and find out your required resources. In selecting the number, types, and scope of the resources, you should follow the instructions given to you by your supervisor, professor, or teacher. Generally, it is suggested that the resources must not be older from the past 10 years. But, it would increase the credibility of your work if your resources are taken from the last 5 years. You must carefully select only the scholarly or peer-reviewed resources that are authentic and already approved by the concerning authorities and bodies.

Choosing a Specific Citation

If your teacher, professor, or supervisor hasn’t asked for any specific citation style, you may choose one yourself from APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. that are the most commonly used citations. You must consider a specific citation format in writing your “annotated bibliography” assignment. It not only makes the work credible but also the references and resources may not be accepted if lacking any proper and specific format.

Listing the Resources

After you have collected the resources and selected a specific citation, now it is the time to list them up in a specific order. An annotated bibliography required alphabetical order of the list of the resources. If you find any trouble in understanding these things, you can take help from the cheapest essay writing service that has the best and professional writers and researchers with hands-on experience in writing and referencing. So, list down all of your chosen resources alphabetically according to the format specified by the citation you selected.

Explanation of the Resources

This is the most important and essential part of an annotated bibliography. The following elements are necessarily required in an explanation of your annotated bibliography assignment.

  1. The purpose of the research work must be written in explaining a resource. Always write it briefly, precisely, and in your own words.
  2. In a shorter length and comprehensive manner, summarize the content of the research work. Do not write much detail about the work. Only let the reader know about the highlights of the work.
  3. Consider writing the scope and targeted audience for which the author(s) wrote that research work. This scope will also make a connection to your work showing the reasons why you chose it.
  4. Explain key features and relevance or link to your topic. Talk about the credibility of the resource, the important factors, and elements that make it important and noteworthy, and also state its utilization.
  5. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the work chosen and critically analyze it briefly. Explain how its strengths are useful and how its weaknesses don’t make any difference or are ignorable.

Note: After you have finished explaining all the resources according to the requirements, take a close and careful review of the assignment. Make sure that the resources were listed in alphabetical order and all the important aspects were explained under each resource. Also, make sure that the resources were credible, peer-reviewed, and not much older.

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