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One of the most annoying things about academic writing can be those formats that just won’t let you rest.

Pedantic and Boring…

An essay writer needs to know each and every detail of these formats. It is just like being told how to sit, stand, or talk in a figurative way. There is nothing you can write while being careless. You have to take care of indents, margins, fonts, sizes of these fonts, the components of each format, so on and so forth.

The list never seems to end.

And then the sheer number of formats. There are just too many for you to have any hope of mastering them! There is the MLA (Modern Languages Association) format, the Chicago format, the APA format (APA being an abbreviation for the American Psychological Association), the Harvard format, and so many others whose names you can’t even remember.

Too much to expect from the students, you feel!

Yes, it can be quite overwhelming. There is not a single student who can be happy about the situation they find themselves in when they first try to get academic writing right. Getting it right may require you to write the right thing in the right way by following all the right rules so you can write well, right?

Quite a rigmarole…

Who said life was supposed to be easy? But a bumpy and winding road can certainly be interesting…

After all, someone like you would never say no to the challenge…

Before you start looking all over for an escape, you need to consider that you simply have to learn these rules at one point or another. So better do it today or later; you won’t really afford to pay…

Well, let’s talk about payments when we get to the part where we discuss essay help. I'm sure you want to know if there is really someone providing the cheapest essay writing service to students like you. We shall see…

For now, let’s talk about the format…

The Point(s)…

It all begins with the font. Pick the right font. It would be safe to go with Times New Roman. Select twelve when it comes to choosing the right font size. Make sure you have one-inch margins on all four sides of the page. The line spacing stays perpetually at two points until told otherwise by your professor.

In the APA style, there has to be a title page, an abstract, the body, and the reference list.

There must be a header on every page. This header will carry a shortened title of your paper and a page number for every page. Ask someone to write my essay for me and make your writing phase easy.

The Sections…

On the title page, don’t forget to start with the title of your essay/paper, author’s name, and institutional affiliation. You can always add more info if your professor has instructed you to do so.

The abstract is a short summary of the entire paper. The essence has to be squeezed into no more than two hundred and fifty words. There will be no indent for the abstract.

After this little tidbit, you will move on to the main content. Just make sure you indent every paragraph and take care of the headings. First-level headings are to be centralized and boldface. Second-level headings are supposed to be on the flush left, boldfaced. Third-level ones will be indented and boldfaced. Fourth, indented minus being boldfaced.

You get the picture.

This formatting will continue throughout your paper.

For references, there is an easy and basic formula:

Authors' names. (Year of Publication). Title of source. Site Name/Journal’s name/Publisher’s name. The DOI.

This may be modified here and there for books, journal articles, magazine articles, websites, etc., but the skeleton remains the same.

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