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Many students perform their research and find out credible resources. Yet they face troubles in compiling the resources and structuring the annotated bibliography. If you have already reviewed the tips and guidelines on how to write an Annotated Bibliography, the following example will help you overcome your problems in writing your assignment.

Following is an example of a properly and completely written annotated bibliography in APA style. It is merely an example to help an essay writer understand how he can complete his task.

APA Style Annotated Bibliography

Example Topic: American Police Law Enforcement and Administration

Brown, C. (2011). Divided Loyalties: Ethical Challenges for America's Law Enforcement in Post

9/11 America” Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law, 43(3).

The event of 9/11 brought great changes in the American Police Department. The military trends in the American Police had been under practice almost twenty years earlier than the event. However, the post-9/11 era has seen the significant deployment of militarization in Police. The American Police have improved ominously paramilitary reforms, artillery, operations, and techniques to fight, appearance, military training, and specialized training to contribute to the counterterrorism challenges. During the past two to four decades, the American Police Administration had to take various steps and deploy countless reforms. The present research journal sheds light on the police department’s efforts in reshaping and reforming their approach, expertise, and professionalism to meet the requirements and face the challenges of the present and the coming era. It tells that the American Police Department has evolved and reformed greatly with time according to the rising demands, yet a great deal of reforms and improvement is desirable to meet and deal with the coming challenges.

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Note: Try to notice the alphabetical order of the resources from start till the end and the overall structure of this annotated bibliography example that will help you to develop a better understanding of writing your annotated bibliography assignment.

Hassett-Walker, C. (2020). “George Floyd's death reflects the racist roots of American policing”

The Conversation, Retrieved 04 July 2020.

The American nation has recently witnessed and faced severe public demonstrations and protest in view of the murder of George Floyd, a black guy who was caught by three local police officers after a call from the local storekeeper claiming that Floyd had bought cigarettes and produced a counterfeit bill. Floyd’s death happened after one of the police officers put him down and placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes. This incident grew extreme rage in the public and they started protesting across the states repeating Floyd’s last words “I can’t breathe”. The present article highlights and discusses this matter in light of police laws and reforms as well as the racial prejudice and biases in the department. The article tells in detail how such mistakes and ill-treatment by the police are affecting the nation.

Treglia, J. (2013). “Three Essays on Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Information

Sharing and Collaboration: An Insider Perspective” Surface.syr.edu. Retrieved 04 July 2020.

This dissertation tends to highlight the problems arising in different law enforcement agencies in America due to certain barriers and problems in information sharing. The study analyzes all the important factors such as policies, technical, and social elements, etc. It contributes to creating problems for agencies related to information sharing. The research work provides fruitful strategies and implications that can help to overcome the issues and improve the situation. The law enforcement agencies have to deal with numberless internal and external issues especially related to crimes and terrorism. But, some hidden problems like that of information sharing issues put great hurdles and troubles in the way of these law enforcement agencies that interdict them from delivering a level of public service they are supposed to deliver. The present study analyzes the matter quite in detail. However, still, the exact problems remain unidentified as no one is sure where is the exact problem occurring in information sharing leads to various problems for agencies in different states, tribes, and vicinities. Though the study doesn’t completely solve the concerns, however, it presents sufficient information and analysis of the matter. It can really help to at least control and lower down such problems occurring in law enforcement agencies.

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