Are you confused about what to write in a Personal Statement? Have a Look at these two short Examples?

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Most schools require a personal statement as part of the application process. This is typically a brief (approximately one page) narrative about an essay writer and his professional history and goals. The personal statement is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the people reviewing your application and stand out amongst other applicants. Due to the open-ended nature of the statement, this is where many students go awry. When preparing your statement, keep the following advice in mind or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. Keep your personal statement professional.
  2. You need not get overly personal, but personable.
  3. Write it as you write a narrative; follow the same structure.
  4. It's better you avoid clichés while you write about your career goals.
  5. Try to create an organic link between you and the program you are applying for, a specific connection to the program.

Above mentioned points give you a central idea of how a personal statement should look like.

Additionally, below are a couple of personal statement examples to make this task easier for you.

Example #1

Engineers, by at least one textbook definition, are people who solve problems by employing science and technology, usually by creating some product to do so.

People by nature tend to be problem solvers, so wanting to solve problems isn't, by itself, enough. We have to want to do it using technology.

A social worker will want to solve the problem of homelessness by allocating social services, budgets, and so on. An engineer will build housing units. Or find some way to build them cheaper. Or figure out a new, easy-to-produce insulative material to build structures from. Or write an app to help hook up homeless people with places to stay.

If I don't want to solve problems, or don't care about tech, then I am out by definition. However, I have got both and now, I need only figure out if that's a strong enough motivation or not. Engineering is a tough subject and I know I will hit roadblocks from time to time, But I don’t have hatred of problem-solving, so it's totally fine. For this is one thing I adore.

I have that love of tech. I am passionate about engineering, and I have both a love of clever hacks and an appreciation for elegant design. I, on the contrary, have a hatred of unsolved problems. And I have the honed (mostly learned) ability to bang my head against a problem until it breaks. It's not an easy discipline, but it's very rewarding.

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Example #2

Nursing is a calling, just as it is with the clergy or priesthood. A nurse must never feel that what they do is a job. A nurse is there to not only save a life but to improve the lives of those they care for. A nurse is held to a higher standard, both in their personal and professional life. I have all the above traits, for I know, without any of the above-mentioned traits, one cannot be a nurse.

I love nursing. It is an entirely different profession than I imagined before entering. It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication. It is ever-changing in scope and complexity. It is filled with joy and despair. How amazing it is to see a healthy baby born and how sad it is to see a baby die after a few hours of life. It allows access to people of all stripes and circumstances: the good, the bad, the rich, the poor, the strong, and the weak.

It is mainly a profession where you are more likely to be cursed than praised but that is because a nurse is typical with people at their most vulnerable and troubling moments.

I believe that nursing is not for the weak or timid because a nurse has to be the strength for the people he or she cares for. It is demanding and calls for unsocial hours and loss of family time on holidays but, in the end, I would not trade it for the world.

I hope the above examples will help you with personal statements for your college admission.

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Good Luck!

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