Are you confused about what to write in a Scholarship Essay? Have a Look at these two short Examples

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A scholarship essay is meant to convince the authorities that an essay writer deserves and can make the best use of the funds provided. Many students do not realize that the essay should be able to convince the management of the university about your need and suitability. We will provide two examples of scholarship essays in the following lines or you can ask others to write my essay.

Example 1

When I was ten years old, my family of nine people had to leave the home where we had been living for over a decade. We had to live in a back room of a church for three months and I promised my family that I would contribute financially towards covering all the expenditures.

When I started working part-time, my mother was able to look after my siblings. I started to sell bicycles that were initially thrown away to trash. A little wash and adjustment to the brakes would raise the value considerably. I switched to something big over time and started rectifying small issues in cars. I had my car but its components were out of date. A mechanic helped me to learn the basics of an engine motor and engineering behind it.

My passion for engineering took me for an internship at Boeing. I spent long hours studying the submarines and their different parts. I learned most of the things from small happenings. We worked for long hours as a team and this told me the importance of hard work and commitment.

I will use the scholarship to continue my studies related to mathematics and engineering. This scholarship will allow me to send some money back home every month. This will prove to be a successful investment in myself and my family.

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Example 2

As a part of an immigrant family, I was communicated about the importance of education most of the time. Both my parents worked to support the family financially and I played the role of a translator for them during their medical appointments because they did not know English at all.

When I started school, the importance of education was communicated to me by my parents. I learned to do everything in my life seriously and give my best to every task. I was also selected as the president of the school’s Badminton club as well as the Red Cross Committee. I learned many new things as a leader and as a person. I guided my cousins and younger siblings to organize things in their lives. In school, I guided others on how to become a better team player.

I am highly interested in the medical field. I used to see how medical practitioners helped my parents and other patients. I became highly social during my work at medical services. I took part in the 2017 volunteer medical program which opened various opportunities for me in the field of medicines. The current scholarship will help me in learning the most modern curriculum related to nutrition.

I see myself as a successful doctor after getting my medical degree in the next five to seven years. I will also take a six-month course on economics so that I know what is happening around me. My major in the university will be biological sciences and I will get highly involved with the student community. We all will focus on bringing a positive change in the lives of people through our actions. The scholarship will help me financially to push myself higher in terms of educational degrees.

The above scholarship essay examples show that the whole essay is focused on the person applying for the scholarship. The person has to convince the authorities that the scholarship suits the passion and future goals of the person. In case you need help, hire a paper writing service now to complete this task for you.

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