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Have you ever wondered why some students get higher grades in essay writing while a few barely get the passing score? Obviously, some students possess exceptional writing skills but the main reason why a student gets good grades is that they understand the instructions and write the essay based on the essay type.

Wondering about the differences between two common ‘types of essay’? Let me provide essay help to an essay writer out. Essays can be reflective in which you are required to reflect upon your personal experiences. Similarly, they can be argumentative in which you are required to present arguments in favor or against the topic and support your claims with authentic sources.

Do you want to learn more about both the argumentative essay and reflective essay? If yes, then, let’s get started.

Argumentative essay

Pineapple toppings on pizza must be abolished. Pepperoni toppings are the best pizza toppings. Do you see where I am getting at? I have presented a few arguments. See it is that easy. However, when you are assigned a task to write an argumentative essay you will need to support your arguments with either statistical facts or data from primary or secondary sources. Once you are done selecting a topic and gathering data you can proceed with writing your essay.

Typically, an argumentative essay consists of the following parts.If you are still confused, simply ask others to write essay for me.

Introduction: While writing an argumentative essay you can’t jump right into presenting arguments rather start with a catchy hook. You may use a quotation or a question to gain readers' attention. The next step is to provide background information on the topic briefly. Lastly, in your thesis statement let the readers know on what side of the topic you’ll be arguing about and why.

Body: In this step, you are required to provide arguments for or against the topic. Make sure that you have enough data to back up your claim. Else you will lose points since nobody is interested in arguments rather readers want to know the reason why you have chosen a specific side to argue

Tip: Don’t forget to present the counter-arguments as well.

Conclusion: Restate the thesis statement and let the readers know about your findings and interpretations regarding the topics. Avoid introducing any new idea rather than stick to the arguments that you have presented above.

See that wasn’t so tough, was it? Remember! practice makes a man perfect. So practice more and I am sure you will nail the art of writing an argumentative essay.

Now let’s move on towards the writing tips that are required to write a reflective essay.

Reflective essay

It was a warm sunny day like any other day. I was sitting inside a guest house that we booked to stay for a week so that we can enjoy our beach vacation.

Have you noticed something? I used minor details along with my experience at the beach. This is how you write a reflective essay.

Do you wanna know more? If yes, then let me tell you like any other essay, a reflective essay also consists of the following components.

Introduction: In a reflective essay, you can’t simply start writing about your experience. Rather use a few tactics that can grab readers’ attention. You can start with a confession or any personal detail about yourself and then introduce the topic.

Body: In the body of your essay try to add every minor detail so that readers can understand your perspective. However, make a list of things before writing the body of your essay. So that you won’t end up with an essay that is full of jumbled up thoughts.

Conclusion: Make an impression on the readers by writing an effective conclusion. You need to restate the thesis statement and then let the readers know about lessons learned from the experience and how certain experiences changed your life and your way of thinking.

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