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Writing an argumentative essay on an extremely controversial topic like abortion is a challenging task. It requires a deep and thorough research and an ability to develop strong arguments to prove your point along with logical evidence. Don’t panic it is not as difficult as it is sounding once you gather all the essential data and evidence to state your arguments.

I know it, you must not be confident enough to start writing your essay. But don’t need to worry because I will provide you with essay help by sharing a few amazing tips and guidelines to make it easier for you. An argumentative essay has to be persuasive and convincing to the readers. You either can write in favor of abortion or against it. As an essay writer you should come up with a convincing and powerful essay against the practice of abortion. Let me share a guideline for your essay so that it would be easier for you to write an effective and convincing essay to get good grades and praise from your instructor or you can also ask others to write my paper.

Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial issues that has no grounds of agreement between the two polar aspects. Basically the process of removing the embryo from the uterus to end the pregnancy is known as abortion. It is the matter of death and life of a human and it can also put the life of the woman in danger also. I do not believe that no one has a right to end a life and hence I don’t believe in abortion. No matter how strong the arguments are put forward in the favor of abortion a murder can never be justified. I strongly believe that abortion should not be legalized because it is ethically and morally wrong.

Abortion is a sensitive matter and different people have different views about the legalization of abortion. As far as human rights are concerned it clearly violates basic human rights because no one has a right to kill an innocent life whether its a woman who is pregnant. Abortion is equivalent to murder and if murder is considered as one of the most horrendous and obnoxious crime then abortion should also be banned.

Abortion can also pose a threat to the life of a woman who undergoes the operation. Her health is also at risk. If we see this issue through the lenses of medical science it is condemned because abortion only kills a baby but can also be dangerous for the mother as well. In some cases, women die due to the complications that occur due to abortion.

The increasing number of abortions increases the mortality rate and health risks. It can have a long-lasting impact on your health. Abortion is against the laws of nature as well. Although there could be some exceptions like abortion can be legalized in certain conditions like rape or incest. Overall, ending pregnancy should not be allowed.

There are several reasons why abortion should not be legalized and one of the most arguments is that it violates human rights. It should be considered a crime because it is equivalent to murder. It can also negatively impact the physical and mental health of the woman who undergoes an abortion. The mortality rate increases due to this so we should try to reduce the number of abortions to ensure that no one violates human rights.

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