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Why should I make an outline for an essay? The instructor did not ask for it. Well, let me say that the outline is not for your instructor but your own good. Outlining your essay is like developing a plan and you always need a good plan to achieve something extraordinary. Therefore, if you want to write an exceptional argumentative essay that would fetch you an A grade, you should start by creating an outline.

In this blog, I will not only guide an essay writer to create an outline for his argumentative essay but would also provide a template outline in the end.

What is an argumentative essay?

It is a type of academic essay where you are supposed to make an argument or claim in the thesis statement and then go on to provide supporting arguments and details in the rest of your essay. You also have to write a paragraph presenting and refuting the opposing views. To write an exceptional argumentative essay you have to provide well research supporting details to prove your claim.

How to make an argumentative essay outline?

Before you begin the process of making an argumentative essay outline, you should know that like other types of an essay, argumentative essays also have three parts.

  • Introduction: like other essays, an argumentative essay starts with an introduction and it also has three parts: a hook statement, background, and thesis statement.
  • Body: In the body paragraphs you are supposed to elaborate on the thesis statement. You are supposed to provide relevant arguments with substantive details to support your thesis statement. Unlike other types of essays, it includes a paragraph to report and refute opposing viewpoints.
  • Conclusion: In the concluding paragraph you conclude your essay by reiterating the thesis statement and summarizing all the main points that you discussed in the body paragraphs. And you can end the essay to raise a call for action.

If you think that you are not good at arguing and persuading, you do not have to worry about it while writing an argumentative essay outline. Because you do not have to argue with someone in a live discussion. But you have to jot down your arguments on a piece of paper while maybe sitting in your bedroom.

Outline of an argumentative essay

If you are still confused, here is how your argumentative essay outline would look like:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook statement, in which you grab the attention of the reader
    2. Background of the problem to ensure that your readers understand the problem
    3. A precise and clear thesis statement that clarify your stance on the given problem
  2. Body: while writing the body paragraphs of your essay you should keep in mind that every paragraph should be focusing on a single point.
    1. First body paragraph
      1. Start with a topic sentence that is in support of the thesis statement
      2. Provide sufficient supporting details to substantiate your topic sentence
      3. Conclude your point
    2. Second body paragraph
      1. State your topic sentence
      2. Provide ample supporting evidence
      3. Conclude your argument
    3. Third body paragraph
      1. State the opposing viewpoints
      2. Refute the opposing arguments
      3. Prove how your argument is better than the opposing side
      4. Conclude paragraph by invalidating the opposing view and stating your view
  3. Conclusion
    1. Reiterate the thesis statement and summarize all the main arguments.
    2. Briefly explain how these arguments are validating your thesis statement.
    3. End it with a call for an action

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