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An argumentative essay is a type of essay built on the presentation of two contradictory opinions of a matter. It might be based on the pros and cons of a specific subject matter or might just show you both sides of a picture and enable you to see two sides of a story. An argumentative essay provides concrete and contradictory ideas and the writer gives his/her personal opinion at the end.

To a reader, an argumentative essay might provide a deeper insight into that specific topic and might be thought-provoking. A good argumentative essay, just like any other good piece of writing, keeps its readers engaged and hooked up. An argumentative essay outline can help an essay writer build the essay better. An outline can act as a base on which the whole essay can be constructed.

Creating an outline helps brainstorm better and follow a sequence in order to pen down and explain your objective in an effective manner. Developing a framework of your ideas can also aid in forming a flow in your writing as you would not have to stop and think multiple times to think about what to write next. If you have already aligned your ideas, you can keep following them in a sequence without taking a pause or you can ask others to write essay for me. Creating an outline requires:

  1. 1. Introduction
    1. a) Hook

      The hook is an attention-grabbing, eye-catching line that makes the reader interested in your writing and makes him/her want to read more.

      It can be a self-created line, a quote, a verse from a poem simply a line in another language.

    2. b) Background information

      This step simply involves providing a context to what you are going to talk about in your essay. Just providing a sneak peek on what is coming next.

    3. c) Thesis statement

      A thesis statement is what reflects the main idea of your entire essay. In this statement, you need to state your main point clearly.

  2. 2. Working on your arguments
    1. a) Claim

      It is a statement to support the argument of your essay’s thesis statement.

    2. b) Facts and statistics

      By choosing your sources carefully, you need to support your opinion with facts.

  3. 3. Opponent’s claims

    In this section, you pose questions about the contradictory viewpoint and give insight to that as well.

  4. 4. Conclusion
    1. a) Rewrite the thesis statement

      While continuously approaching the arguments, you might have lost the focus on your primary topic. Giving a highlight of what your main topic provide essay help to the readers to regain attention and focus. Present the focus of your essay without presenting your idea right next to it.

    2. b) State the importance of the topic again

      To make your arguments persuasive enough, restate the significance of what importance your argument holds in your society and what extent of your insights have helped explain the matter.

Tackling an argumentative essay with a sensitive topic can be tricky sometimes. You need not lose your focus in between the arguments. Approaching the contradictory opinion to your own and explaining the opposing viewpoint requires a lot of research and empathy as it can not come out of your own mind.

A good argumentative essay incorporates the qualities of keeping its readers engaged and the capability of presenting both sides of the argument with equal elaboration and details. Using good vocabulary, clear words and affective transitional phrases improves the quality of your essay many times.

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