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All the best writers agree on the uselessness of redundancy in the direct speech. Redundant words can be used in prose, poetry, lyrical chants, etc. Or for example, if the personage is a young boy or girl: it gives a sense of unadulterated innocence.

As far as the redundancy in a sentence is concerned, usually this means a previous sentence meant the same thing so this one is not needed in written material. When these two sentences are said together the second is usually considered redundant if the two mean the same thing.

However, this may sometimes be done on purpose if the audience seems unsure. Or if it is intended as emphasis, clarification, or reminder to the listener if the first is not being obeyed. These cases are not considered redundant.

If you’re repeating words, this may or may not be a problem depending on which words and why. For example, everyone uses the following words frequently (among others) and they won’t cause a problem because they’re ‘invisible’ and necessary: the, and, I, he, she, they, said, too, is, was, were, from, then, then, us, them, we.

If you’re repeating fewer common words, like ‘warty’ and ‘sarcastic’ then you may be focusing too much on the same aspects of the narrative.

If you read any renowned author’s original essay such as George Orwell, the author tightens up the tendency of being redundant.

The joy of essay writing turns into a struggle between the blabbermouth and the wordsmith. It’s better to wear those two hats at separate times. Sometimes on separate people, too.

We all have a sensor, an inner critic that gets in the way of us taking risks in our art. When the critic is strong, we fall back on language and descriptions that are familiar. It can be hard to break out.

Suggestions to avoid redundancy:

I would suggest a few different tactics to avoid redundancy and repetition in writing. Or you can simply ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

  1. First, fuel your creative fire with images, and lots of unique writing. I suggest you read writers who are more playful than you are.
  2. Read horribly slowly, it might be embarrassing for a writer. However, when you take in new combinations, your internal mashup of words and ideas gets scrambled enough in your brain that the end result is a lot more unique.
  3. Also, try writing by hand. I think it forces a better heart to mind connection and your writing is always more creative that way.
  4. Consider that each sentence supports a single idea, the paragraph. If you read essays written by a professional essay writer, you would find out that they do not repeat the sentence that provided a part of the idea.

This is not something to look for during the writing portion of your work; keep an eye out for it during your editing process. When you find that you've delineated the same thought in 5 different sentences, you need to cut the prose from your work.

  1. Write absolutely everything from the way the protagonist walks to how many leaves there are on the sycamore next to the large house.
  2. After you are done with writing, go back to edit and find bad prose, redundancy, incoherent ideas, everything you'd expect done wrong.
  3. Take each sentence and make sure each word expresses my idea or emotion in the best way.
  4. Make certain that if things are repeated, they are either condensed or cut, and make sure each paragraph portrays only one idea.

In the end, the best advice I can give is to learn to edit or hire a professional writer from an online essay writing service as an editor. Most writers think an editor fixes grammar or punctuation or spelling. A real editor transforms words on a page into a story by coaxing the finest of thoughts and emotions out from between those words.

So do not waste time and ask others to write my essay in no time.

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