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No matter how much you have heard this before, sources can be a grave problem once you write your thesis. There are such copious amounts of information available on this day that it can do the opposite of what it is supposed to do. With an abundance of content, comes the added responsibility of sifting through everything to pick the right sources or you can ask others to write my essay.

Sources are Where You Start From…

The first step of your research process is going to be a review of the literature. In fact, you will be reviewing the work of several researchers even before you have thought of the topic. This is the first-ever step of thesis writing that lays the foundation of your work. Even to think of a topic for your research, you need to pick a rough field of knowledge to conduct your research in, and you proceed to read about it.

Reading about whatever it is that you wish to find out through your research is what guides the entire research process. The way you shape your topic, the methodology that you decide to follow, and the hypothesis that you have to test all depend on the information that you obtain through reading.

Bad Sources and Legitimacy

Reading is immensely important and you can never get away with a bad source. A bad source is like someone who is predisposed to giving you the wrong kind of information. If you knew that your next-door neighbor is in a habit of being biased, would you still quote the information that such sources have given you?

You obviously would not because you would not want your reputation to be ruined and people to believe that you don’t know authentic from inauthentic.

Bottom line: Unauthentic or biased sources are the ones that are unreliable people who spread false information. In case you need help, hire a paper writing service now.

How to Choose the Right Source…

At first, the most basic thing to consider is the fact that you have to choose only scholarly sources. Even if you are in a habit of getting all your information from a variety of websites, you should stop doing that even in day-to-day life because they are not the most neutral and authentic of sources.

Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed are the Combo to Look for…

Only go for scholarly articles. Once you understand why that is important, look for peer-reviewed scholarly articles that have been published in journals with a healthy impact factor. Vet the articles that you gather online.

I know there are deadlines that compromise the quality of our work because it is impossible to be so thorough when you have to submit the proposal, introduction, or the entire thesis in a few days’ time. This is why I recommend that you start well in time for everything to fall into place. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.

But I have Fallen in Love with this Article Because it Makes Everything so Convenient!

Now, there may come a point when you come across an article that you feel is the perfect one for you. It tallies with your hypothesis and you earnestly want to include it because it would make your literature review more legit. No matter how much you love the article, you cannot compromise the dignity of your work. Read it carefully and analyze it properly to make sure that it is original, authentic, and peer-reviewed. Do not let yourself be carried away by how good it looks because if it is not authentic, it will introduce a bias in your research.

Sources are of the essence. You trust them as a researcher to base your reputation on. Beware of what you choose. Give the literature review its due time and your work will be safer and better.

Sometimes, the Time is Just Not Right…

If you have had any misfortunes and there is no way that you can make sure that you pen down the perfect content in the amount of time that you have, do not take any chances. Leave it to the pros because there are online writing services that offer a chance to get your work done by professional writers. Hire an essay writer and let them bother with sources. They know all about it!

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