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Institute and Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a professional organization that supports many branches of engineering, information technology, and computer sciences. IEEE citation is the trickiest of the citation formats that require mastering the formatting guidelines to write your paper in the proper format to be accepted for publication. It is a widely used referencing system by researchers, students, and paper writing service providers to give credit to the authors whose findings, facts, results, and data have contributed to writing a new research paper. The references in the text and at the end are correlated through a number.

If you are unfamiliar with the IEEE citation and looking for the best formatting tools to save your time and help you produce proper IEEE referencing, then authoring tools and templates are the best guides.

Use IEEE article templates in Latex or words that help in easy formatting. For collaborative writing with other authors, use ‘overleaf,’ an authoring tool for rich text documents and LaTex. For your convenience, overleaf is pre-downloaded with IEEE templates. Then use 'IEEE collabratec’ and streamline it with authoring tools. IEEE collabratec is a cloud-based hub for scholarly collaboration that yokes productivity tools and authoring a larger community of technology professionals. These readymade tools enable you to do the trickiest formatting with much ease without taking help from a “ write my paper” service. One-time familiarity with these tools works for the rest of your paper.

How to prepare?

Search for the right publication for your paper and validate your LaTex files with references. Afterward, get your unique ORCID identifier to secure full credit for your work.


Now, you can share your data with other researchers through the executable code platform ‘Code Ocean’ and data repository ‘IEEE data port.’

The Techniques of IEEE formatting

In-text citation

Unlike other formats like APA and MLA, IEEE in-text citation does not require the author's name, publication date, or pages used. Rather it needs a number in square brackets [1] that corresponds to a full citation at the end of the reference list. Write the number soon after the source in the square bracket in the sentence before punctuation. If that source is repeated for the rest of the paper using the same number every time. If multiple sources are used simultaneously, use different numbers separated by a comma, i.e. [2], [3]. [4].

Creating a reference list

Furthermore, No matter how great an essay writer you are, each citation format has its peculiarities that need to be carefully incorporated. The reference list at the end accounts for all the references you have used in the paper. They should be ordered numerically as per the text and should be mentioned under the title 'References' either on the left or at the center of the page. Create a hanging indent for each reference on the left side of the page with the bracketed numbers. It highlights the numerical sequence of the references. The author's names are used as the first initial followed by the last name, i.e., William James Murray would be written as W.J Murray. Also, write the title of the article in quotation marks and the title of the book or journal in italics. i.e. [5] W.J Murray, “Techniques for IEEE Citation” in control and dynamic system, Vol. 39, pg.133-152.

Figures, Tables, and Equations

These extra-textual items require labeling and numbering that continues consecutively through=out the paper. If these figures and tables come from outside sources, the source should be cited with the equation or figure. In the case of the equation, explain the symbols used either in the introduction or explanation. In tables, it should be labeled the same as the appendix or section heading with a title. Make sure that tables are enumerated in Roman numerals, unlike the Arabic ones.

Keep the above-mentioned citation guidelines in mind while creating your next paper, or just ask the “ write essay for me” service to do it for you

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