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Many times we are told to read between the lines, but most of us do not know how to do so. Each one of us would have a different understanding of what we read and what we see. None of us is completely right or completely wrong in his or her observations and analysis. Nowadays the audiences are bombarded with advertisements and most of us unknowingly fall prey to them.

If you want to understand the meanings hidden in an advertisement or the messages that are indirectly being conveyed then you are required to do a rhetorical analysis of the advertisement. Rhetoric is the skillful use of your speech and writing to convey the meaning that you want to convey to your audience. It is the term used for effective speaking and writing. Thus, rhetorical analysis means you analyze the tools that are employed to effectively convey the meaning. You also analyze how effectively the meaning has been conveyed.

As a school-going student, I was made to write a number of essays in which I was required to do rhetorical analysis. I was not bad at interpreting and inferring but I was not familiar with the tools of rhetorical analysis. This made it difficult for me to write my paper. I'm writing this post so that you don't feel the same difficulty as I did.

Ethos, logos, and pathos are the most commonly used tools of rhetorical analysis. Ethos refers to the ideological underpinnings of an advertisement and logos refers to the reasoning used in the advertisement, while pathos refers to the emotional appeal that an advertisement has. To do the rhetorical analysis of an advertisement, an essay writer must take into consideration these three tools.

Before you begin doing your rhetorical analysis, you must identify the audiences of the advertisement, how the audience was constructed and what style was used to convey the meaning of the advertisement. I can assure you that even the best paper writing service uses the same techniques to conduct a rhetorical analysis of an essay, so, feel free to follow these guidelines. You can confidently begin doing your rhetorical analysis.

One thing that is usually overlooked while students are doing rhetorical analysis, they ignore the body language of the characters in the advertisement. Facial expressions are equally important when trying to do rhetorical analysis. It might be difficult for you to understand the hidden meanings that are being conveyed but it is fairly easy to read the facial expressions of the actors being filmed in the advertisement.

You can also throw light on the social and historical context that is being presented in the advertisement to persuade the audience. For instance, to attract the young generation the actors in the ads are shown to be wearing modern and fashionable clothes. Modern accessories like mobile phones and other branded gadgets are filmed during the advertisement to grab the attention of the audience. If you are asked to write a Rhetorical Analysis essay then adding these details would help strengthen your arguments. Since these are the commonly used techniques these days, you will find them being used widely in the ads.

Consumers are the main target of advertisements so the advertisements usually show what appeals to the consumers. Commonly conveyed themes in advertisements relate to gender equality, modernity, and high social class. You might have noticed on occasions that even a cheap cell phone brand hires famous actors who are dressed as per the liking of the audience so that their fans can be allured into buying the cell phone. This is another rhetoric that is used to increase the effectiveness of an advertisement. Also, ask someone to write essay for me if you need more help.

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