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In college, you have to balance your social life (fun) with your academic life (infuriating). Writing essays, reports, and research papers is very tough if you are not completely aware of all the rules. If you wish to score a high grade with minimal effort, you don't need to worry. You should follow the provided guideline or hire a paper writing service for your work.

What is a research paper?

In your research paper, you have to provide an in-depth analysis of a topic. You have to include credible information from primary and secondary sources. Writing one can be tough; and if your instructor is strict, say goodbye to a good grade. It would be wise to contact an essay writing service and tell them to ‘ write essay for me’ in the given deadline. Stay in contact with the service in case they need to ask any questions

How to start?

Let's assume that you are given a research paper; how do you think you should start your work? The first thing to do is to select a topic that you have prior knowledge about (if you are given a choice in the topic). Now that you have your topic, spend an hour researching the details of the topic and note down any important points. You are ready to write your research paper outline now. Follow the format provided by your instructor and make bullet points about what you think you should write.

When working with a ‘ write my paper’ service, tell them about these guidelines.

Outline components and what to write

  • 1. Introduction:

    Grab a rough piece of paper or a blank word document. Describe the topic in detail and explain its significance. What are the findings of some other similar research and how is your research different? Explain why you are conducting this research in the form of a question at the end of the introduction (thesis statement). Enter all this detail in bullet points that you can elaborate on for your final paper

  • 2. Methodology

    You first need to decide how you plan on gathering your data. Either go for a quantitative approach where you gather and analyze numerical data or a qualitative approach where you gather non-numerical data. Once you have your data, explain in bullet points how you obtained each point in detail.

    If you are conducting a scientific experiment (quantitative), describe your apparatus and the whole procedure that you followed to obtain the results. If you conducted one-on-one interviews or focus groups, explain the details of the meeting in bullet points.

  • 3. Findings/Result and

    Provide all the data that you obtained by researching. It is wise to tabulate your data and represent it using graphs, or charts that are easy-to-understand. What can you conclude from this data? Analyze each aspect of the mentioned data and explain how the obtained results answer your research question. For numerical data, use mathematics to show any relationships.

Now what?

The outline doesn't contain a title page, abstract, conclusion, reference page, and other minor details. The first thing you need to do is to design an attractive cover page and a well-written brief abstract. Now follow your outline and elaborate on each bullet point for your final draft. If you believe this process is difficult to follow, search google for keywords like ‘write my essay’ and search for a good writing service. Send them the details of your assignment and wait for them to complete your work.


Writing an outline is a crucial part of any academic assignment. You need to be completely aware of everything you need to write before even beginning your final draft. If you are still confused about how to write a research paper, search for sample research papers on the internet and analyze them. If you believe that writing one will take too much effort, hire a professional essay writer for your work.

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