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Writing about someone other than yourself is the easiest task in this world! However, getting an admission in any educational institution of your choice requires you to talk about yourself. Also, this should be in a way that strikes the right chords of the readers and they are immediately convinced that you are worthy of the position! The question is, how to do that?

How to end up with a robust and impactful personal statement?

How to write a killer personal statement?

What should be the necessary elements of an efficient personal statement?

These are the questions that must be answered as the future of a lot of students is dependent on the right personal statement. A personal statement tells the readers what cannot be found in the curriculum vitae of the individual. Therefore, it should have something which leaves the readers in awe. Students can find a plethora of personal statement examples online but they should only be used for intensive thought processes and brainstorming. After all, every individual has their own unique story, their own struggles, and endeavors. So, a personal statement will also vary from one aspiring student to another.

In this blog, excerpts from two personal statements will be incorporated, so an essay writer can get an idea of how to execute one!


When I was 11, my father left my mother although they were always on good terms. I remember that my father used to make me laugh and taught me a lot of skills that help me a lot later in my life. He made me laugh and he knew a lot of words, big words, and I was intrigued by those. After he left my relationship with my mother became more profound. I used to watch movies and TV weather but during the commercials, I would indulge in ethical and epistemological discussions. My demeanor closely resembled that of a philosophy student and as I grew older I became obsessed with the subject philosophy. I wanted to become like my father. I wanted to know a lot of words and a lot of concepts. Therefore, I started to spend a lot of time studying. My mother was happy with my academic performance but I always felt that nothing can accomplish the void in my soul. I got distinctions in the early grades. I have always wanted to pursue a master’s in philosophy. This is a subject which is highly underrated as people take it for it's that active value and not for the solutions that it has to offer to the real-world problems and challenges.


I am a native English speaker and my ancestors emigrated from Italy in the early decades of the last century so that they could have a better life in America. They went through a lot of struggles and the accounts of those struggles are highly inspiring. My grandfather took a correspondence course in piano and he taught one member from all the subsequent generations to become accomplished pianists. I realize that my great grandfather had to learn the instrument out of lessons and books which were not written in their own language which was Italian. This requires a lot of dedication and passion as learning something new as an adult is difficult. The underlying spirit of my ancestors has triggered me to find a place in musical education. Therefore, I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music composition at your esteemed institution.

These examples will help you write a personal statement in no time. However, if you are still confused, hire an essay writing service at reasonable rates.

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