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As we all know, persuasive speeches are written and delivered to persuade the audience on a particular issue or concern. In other words, a persuasive speech is about to (first) inform the audience about the subject (i.e., a matter) and then convince them to take necessary actions as a result of hearing from you.

Keep in mind; this could be done if your speech comprises some persuasive facts and pieces of evidence. Hence, always aim to add strong persuasion to your speech when writing it. You may hire a professional speechwriter or paper writing service if you are not efficient at composing a powerful and impressive speech. It is preferable to hire a professional writing service because they can write top-quality, masterful, and persuasive speeches on topics of your choice.

Apart from the above, an essay writer can get ideas of how to write a masterful persuasive speech by having some best examples checked. To deal with this worry, the following is the best short persuasive speech example to help you know how to write a masterpiece.

Best Persuasive Speech Example

Topic: Abortion

Abortion is one of the most conversing and controversial concerns in today’s society. Many individuals in our society support and even appreciate the idea. I would not go against the idea without considering the facts. For example, there are some cases in which proceeding with abortion becomes a compulsion. However, no one of us has the authority to decide whether to bring life to this world or put an end to life. In this sense, I always say that no matter what the consequences would be, I cannot see any right variant other than choosing life.

No matter how one can persuade others, all women who choose to end their pregnancy know that it is not the right decision at all times. Indeed, it is unnatural to decide for the life of someone else whether they should live their life or die.

Most of the time, you may have witnessed that women come up with various excuses. However, no factor that is even highly important can change their mind and so their decision and action. But remember, your decision may cost your child's life. In this sense, it could be meant that the decision of abortion could be the most destructive and even worst you have ever made in your life.

It is scientifically proven that a child in the uterus of a mother begins perceiving things much earlier. The heart of a child starts beating in the 6th week while the brain begins to work at a similar period too. Hence, when the abortion has been done, it cannot be denied that it was an end to the life of a human who has felt and thought.

In case I was in such a situation, I would never bear to take responsibility for someone’s life and death. Indeed, we all are responsible for ourselves. For example, we can decide on whether to smoke or even spoil our health. It is also true that no one could prevent me unless I do it myself. However, when it comes to someone else’s life, then such decisions could not be made. That is why; I think no woman should proceed to take responsibility for the life and death of her children. Rather, we should put ourselves in challenges for the sake of others’ wellbeing as it is the most humane thing you can ever do for someone.

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