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Okay! Do you want to publish a paper? Woah! Good for you.

But I think that you know by now that formatting is just as important as writing. If your paper doesn’t look like a professional research paper, it is not likely to get published. I know it is unfair. But it is what it is. Ask any ‘ write essay for me’ service, and you will get the same answer.

There are rules to writing a paper and then there are rules to formatting it.

If you follow all those rules then you will get the perfect paper. But if you don’t, you will get into trouble.

But how to figure out what to do?

Well, no need because I have the rules written down for you. Just follow these tips and you will be fine.

Tip #1: Title Page

Your paper will always begin with a title page. If you are using the MLA style formatting then ask your professor if you can add a title page because that style does not have a cover page.

This page will include your name and any information about your institution and your course.

Also, the title of your paper of course.

Tip #2: Abstract

Okay, so there is always controversy with the abstract. To be honest, when I write my essay, I don’t use an abstract. But I do use it in papers like this.

If you are using APA style then use an abstract.

If it is any other style then ask your professor if it is needed or not. If you work with a ‘ write my paper’ service, they will add an abstract to your paper.

Tip #3: Margin

We have some default settings for papers and those settings say that in papers such as these, your margins should be kept equal on all sides.

Usually, we place a 1-inch margin on all sides.

But, if you need to have a printed hardcopy of your paper then you should increase the margin on the left. This is allowed.

Tip #4: Pagination

This means the numbering on the page. You may think that is not important but it is so important. Especially since these kinds of papers are long.

The page number can be placed in two places: the right-hand corner of the paper or the bottom center.

Also, no matter where you place your page number, you have to place a header according to the format that you have chosen.

Tip #5: Headings

Again, the headings depending on your format.

As the format for headings is different for MLA and totally different in APA. So, before you start anything, make sure you know which format to follow.

Also, you can’t just randomly place the headings. Make sure that you divide your paper into proper sections and then name the sections. Or take help from an expert essay writer for it.

Tip #6: Citations

The most important part, perhaps. The citations will also be done according to the chosen format.

Like headings, they too differ from MLA to APA to Harvard and so on.

I suggest that you first study the citations and then have them generated online. Make sure to check if they have been generated correctly.

Tip #7: Other Details

Other small details for formatting include the font you will use which should be either Arial or Times New Roman because they are readable.

The font size should AT LEAST be 12.

This can get bigger for headings but that depends on your formatting style. Your paper will also have space between the lines. This line space will be kept at 2.0 i.e., double-spaced.

That’s all from my side.

These are the most basic formatting rules.

You can see that you need help in citation and formatting styles to get the job done. For that, contact a paper writing company. They will give you the best papers which will be fully formatted.

So, you will understand how to format your own papers.

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