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Organizations need concise, timely, accurate and objective information to make decisions. One way through which they obtain this type of information is a business report. A business report is defined as a presentation of information in an organized manner to a specific audience. These reports usually address some particular problems, present findings and propose strategies that need to be taken to handle issues.

Business reports are mainly purpose-driven and the most successful way to deliver this is through concise and clear writing. Knowing how to write a good business report is very important to communicate your visions and ideas across the business field. Fortunately, an expert essay writer online can assist you with that. Remember, the writing of a good quality written report mainly lies in its interpretation and analysis from the findings.

Remember! Business reports are always objective, formal and based on facts and figures. As in business reports, objectivity is crucial, therefore, it is important to avoid subjective description. Suppose, if company sales were down last month, don’t write “sales were poor last month” but rather let the data of sales speak for itself. Other than this avoid the use of personal pronouns such as “I think we should change our marketing strategy”. A business report should be framed from the perspective of the company and remain impersonal.

Structure of Business Report

Although the business report length can range from 1 page to more than 100, the structure of the report is always important. The report format allows readers to easily navigate the document. Here is a common format for an effective business report or ask others to write my essay for me.

Covering Letter

A cover letter is used when your business report is for those readers who are outside the business. When the report is meant for the business internal audience, a memo is used. The cover letter helps readers to understand the scope and purpose of the business report.

Front Page

List your name, title of the job, date of submission and contact information. To make it more effective, create a title for the business report.


State the purpose of the report along with the background of the topic. The introduction should describe the problem and context in brief. This section should preview the report structure and outline the investigation extent.

Main Findings

To make your report perfect, provide data, main findings and facts that are appropriate to the purpose stated in the report background. Be specific and clear as an entire business report depends on this section’s information.


Summarize key findings, interpret them, identify problems that are found within data. In this section, recommend solutions to all issues that are presented in this report. Although you will provide your own opinion, avoid using personal pronouns and try to keep everything framed through the perspective of the company.


List all sources for the information you have cited in the report. This helps people to see from where you have taken the information and explore these same resources.

Remember! Some companies also want an executive summary after the title page. It is a complete summary that comprises report background, findings, recommendations. These sections help readers to know about all the important points without reading the entire document. The length of the executive summary can range from one paragraph to several pages depending on the report length.

Don’t stress out

Yes, this is very important. You might feel like writing a business report is getting very difficult and finishing is simply impossible. Your all inspiration has gone and many other important tasks are pending. If you feel like this, then the best advice is to ‘buy a report’ or consult the best essay writing service who will provide you with the perfect business report within the provided time.

Revise, Revise and Revise

As reported in business writing essentials, the key to producing an effective document is revision. Review your report to keep it free from different proofreading errors. Once you have done with the revision, think about the appearance of the report. If your report is lengthy then create a table of content. You can always ask an essay writer service to proofread it for you.

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