Can Someone Fail in Writing a Dissertation? Facts.

In any academic standard, the thesis can be considered one of the most important things because one’s whole work and study are somewhat dependent upon it. Different students attempt the thesis differently, but very few of them can pass the hurdle in the first attempt. There are many reasons for the students to fail while writing the dissertation. In the following lines, we will take a look at some of these reasons and the ways to rectify the situation.

Not enough reflection

The most important reason for failing a thesis is a lack of critical analysis. Dissertation writing requires that the student critically analyzes past research and comes up with a gap in the body of knowledge. A lack of critical analysis will mean that the argument developed by the writer will be weak. One of the common comments of the instructors is that the thesis is generally descriptive and requires a much more thorough analytical approach. A thorough analytical approach will also mean that the work done by the researcher will not be original and a considerable amount of material will not be added to the respective field. The researcher should answer why the aspect related to the various sections of the dissertation. A descriptive piece of writing is not acceptable as a thesis at any academic level. If confused, ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

Incoherent Material

This aspect relates to the organization of the thesis, or coherence of the argument presented in the thesis. There are various chapters in a thesis, and it should give an impression as one coherent whole aspect. If due care is not taken, it will give an impression of several chapters tied haphazardly. A good thesis needs the students to spend much time while thinking about the structure. The structure is important at the micro and macro levels simultaneously. You can take help from an essay writer to get the knowledge about an acceptable thesis structure. You can get a free outline from many sources that can help you in getting rid of this problem.


This is another important aspect for the students to complete their thesis. If there are some grammatical or spelling mistakes in the thesis, it will leave a very bad impression on the instructor or the committee. Even if the structure of the thesis is acceptable, these mistakes can ruin the overall impression of the writer. For instance, if I am asking someone to write my paper online, he or she may also help you in proofreading the whole document. This will avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. These mistakes will slow down the reading speed of the committee members and at worst, it can make them miss certain major points. There are some built-in functions in the word processors that can help students in getting rid of these mistakes.

Failing to make appropriate changes

Most of the time, a student is allowed to resubmit a thesis after making appropriate changes. Incorporating these changes is not an easy task, especially for the doctoral level theses. Students wrongly believe that incorporating the committee’s recommendations will result in the acceptance of the thesis. In many cases, these changes result in complicating things further for the committee members. An example can be given when the writer adds some material to the methodology section and it complicates things. The committee members may not be able to understand the argument after the addition of material. Some comments on the thesis may state that the additions have been made, but there is very little improvement to the thesis. In these cases, the revised thesis can end up being worse than the original submission. It is better to seek clarification of the changes from the supervisor before incorporating them.

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