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Citations or references are very important whether you are writing an academic essay or a research proposal. The use of references creates authenticity in your document with acceptance at the international level. Furthermore, the use of sources in an academic document shows your research abilities and how much you are capable of finding relevant material from existing literature. It creates a link with old literature and gaps you found during the review.

Academics have devised different types of citation methods and Chicago Style is one of them. It is a precise set of instructions that you need to follow and apply in your assignment. You just need to make sure that knowing a rule does not mean you can apply it as well. Yes! These are two points that you need to take care of, otherwise, you might end up writing a weak paper. It is a common reason that students often make mistakes while following the Chicago citation. However, after reading these posts you would be able to avoid all potential mistakes and ultimately secure good grades.

Chicago Style Mistakes

You should know that there are twenty-plus citation styles and every academic discipline uses them accordingly. For example, a student of Psychology will use American Psychological Association or APA while a Political Science student Chicago Manual. Here are some common mistakes that students make:

Use of citation and reference

It is important that you should know the difference between these two - citation is related to direct quotes, or information related to publication or author. Citation is used at the end of each page while references are used at the end of the document. The heading for references in Chicago Manual should be a bibliography in bold. Some citations require Works Cited while other References you just need to follow only one citation.

Forgetting page numbers

Students often forget to add page numbers at the top right corner of the page. You should use this option in the header so that it comes with a sequence. Adding page numbers can be a little difficult however, you can contact an academic paper writing service to help you out with the formatting.

Use of the second name

Being an author of the document you need to write your second name along with the page number. It is a very common mistake that students commit to making sure to follow this principle.

Mission punctuation

You should know that every reference and footnote requires punctuation in one form or another. Whether it is a comma or period you need to use it in an appropriate space. The incorrect use of punctuation can jeopardize your grades so you need to be careful.

Italicizing text

Some information mentioned in the footnote and references needs to italicize like the name of the journal or title of the book. It is a very common mistake that students commit in an academic paper. If you want to save yourself from any potential mistake then make sure to get help from a professional essay writer. He may have years of experience in writing essays with background knowledge of multiple citation styles.

Irrelevant/unnecessary citations

If you are finding any relevant reference then that does not mean to include an irrelevant one. You need to be careful while using a specific citation as it must be from a journal or scholarly article. A relevant reference can authenticate your document while an irrelevant can do the reverse. If you are still confused then just ask a professional writer to write my essay references so that you can enjoy your time in creative activities.

Alphabetical order

When you start making a bibliography then you should write all references in alphabetical order. It is a general mistake that students make so try to avoid it next to them when you will write another research paper.

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