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A literature review is a major part of any paper such as a Ph.D. dissertation. It is an important part or section of a paper because it provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the main topic or subject. In other words, a literature review is written in order to provide a research-based elaboration and description of the topic.

A literature review is much different from an annotated bibliography. Because the main focus and concern of literature are focused on explaining the topic. And do not deal with showing the credibility of the source being used. On the other hand, an annotated bibliography elaborates the topic with the help of research but conveys credibility and details about the source being used. But there is something more than this or you can ask others to write my essay.

Chronological Order Based Literature Review

A chronological order-based literature review is a kind of literature review that describes a work in succession that starts with the earliest facts or information in hand. Typically, in a chronological order-based literature review, an essay writer will have to collect or group together all sources in proper order according to the date of publication. For instance, if the most premature articles date back to the year 2000. And the latest one dates back to the year 2015. Then you can arrange the sources being used in three different groups. Such information or sources available from 2000 to 2005, 2006 to 2010, and 2011 to 2015.

Indeed writing a good quality literature review for your paper is a critical task for some students to perform. It becomes more challenging when it comes to writing using a specific order. Hence, never always learn how to write a literature review before you proceed to start writing a literature review of your paper such as a dissertation. Learn it because you may not write masterfully if you do not know how to write and format your work (literature review).

Moreover, a chronological order-based literature review is used by many writers/authors. But it is when one aims to show or convey how concepts or methods have progressed over a particular period of time. For example, the literature review about obesity in children can possibly be structured chronologically. It can be structured chronologically because one will analyze the earliest treatment and diagnosis methods. And will gradually progress to the new and recent or latent method of treatment and diagnosis. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Writing Using Chronological Order

First of all, list all sources chronologically if you want to analyze your data and write using chronological order. Indeed, this is not strong as the thematic order-based literature review. But it is more fitting in some cases. Writing a literature review using chronological order is appropriate and even perfect for historic-graphical review. As well as for reviews that are concerned about the interrogation of the methodology being used or adopted. It is also a perfect method if you write about the development process of a particular issue.

There are several things to remember for writing a good quality literature review. Where the major ones are;

  1. Ensure using a logical and clear transition between concepts
  2. Use strong and powerful phrases to develop a strong flow among sentences and even paragraphs.

Learn by heart, this type of listing is not a simple process of reflection of the key concepts correlated with your subject or topic. But it is about to demonstrate;

“How much you are familiar with sources, materials, theories, ideas, and issues under analysis”.

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