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Whenever you write a research paper it is important to cite all the sources which you have used in the paper. Citations are the evidence and proof of your research. It provides credibility and authenticity to the paper. References and bibliography help the readers to understand how you have supported your ideas and have reached the conclusion. It keeps the ethics of research alive if you acknowledge the other source and avoids the plagiarism of the paper as well. There are different citation styles that students can use to cite different sources in the paper.

You can pay for a paper writing service to different writing websites. If you are writing your essay and paper you must be aware of when and how to cite different sources in the research paper. Some of the guidelines are as follows:

When to Cite a Source

You can cite the source if you have directly quoted from the source. Whenever you summarize the ideas or opinions of other writers you need to cite that source. Facts, data, and information used in the paper should also be cited. If you have used images, graphs, and charts from any source you would have to cite them as well.

When not to Cite a Source

If you are using your ideas, knowledge, perspective, or point of view in the paper you do not need to cite that. But if you are not sure about the knowledge you can cite a source to support it.

How to Cite

An essay writer can put both in-text citations and at the end of the paper. For the in-text citation, you can use the last name of the author along with the date of publication, for instance, (Alex 2002). But the type of citation style suggests the exact way of the citation in the paper. If you cite the work of any author, clearly and concisely explain his work by using your own words. Always provide a reference to the work you have added to your paper.

There are different types of citation styles which colleges and organizations use. Usually, professors assign the style to use in the research paper. The process of citation remains the same irrespective of the style you use for citation.

Read about the citation style before using it for instance how to add in-text citations, references, and bibliographies in the paper. There are many citation software that can be used for citation. These locate the sources and make it easy for the students to create bibliographies, reference lists, and in-text citations. Throughout your research paper remains consistent with citation style. One citation style can be used in the paper. You can ask someone to write my paper.

There are different citation styles that students can use in the research paper. APA is one of the citation styles which can be used in education, sociology, and social sciences. MLA is the style that can be used in the arts, humanities, and literature. AMA or NLM is a style that can be used in the medical and biological sciences. Chicago or Turabian is the citation style that is commonly used in magazines, books, and newspapers. CSE is such a style that is used in the field of biology, chemistry, and engineering.

Reference list or Bibliography

The reference list can also be termed as the bibliography which is added at the end of the research paper. The annotated bibliography aims at connecting different sources in a sequence. It seems difficult to add citations but once you start to practice it becomes easy for you. If someone requests you to write essay for me or a research paper, be accurate in adding citations and references.

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