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Do you break into a sweat every single time you have a new citation style to learn? Yes, there do seem to be one too many reference styles to take care of, but the fact remains that nothing good ever happens if you lose your wits.

In short, don’t lose your mind over the fact that you don’t seem to wrap your head around so many rules and regulations. After all, you never cared too much about pedantic regulations that don’t really seem to cooperate with you.

It Won’t Always Be Hard…

About one thing, you can be fairly certain. You will learn, and it won’t always feel like a sore loser every time you have to pen down some good old references. For now, you are going to need all the essay help from the paper writing service you could ever want. You need to buckle up and not let a few rules get the better of you. This is going to be a bumpy ride but one that has a grassland stretching towards a really awesome grade.

The first thing you need to know about citations is that you need to learn one at a time. It could be a good idea, to begin with, the one that is the most relevant to you. If you are an engineering student, today could be your lucky day.

Let’s Do It the IEEE Way…

The Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE) has its own standardized style of citation and referencing. This is a style that is relatively simple to master.

You could be wondering what the worst that could happen if you do not care about citations is…Well, you could be accused of plagiarism. You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself because, alas, there would be no valid citations.

Yes, it can get pretty serious!

The first thing to know about this citation style is one that would make you invariably ecstatic. As far as the IEEE citation styles are concerned, you don’t really need to have elaborate in-text citations. These citations don’t have to include any pesky last names or dates (no offense to the authors).

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The In-Text and the List…

The next thing you need to know about these citations is that there will only be a number in square brackets in the name of in-text citations. These numbers will correspond to the entries in the reference list towards the end of the paper.

Do remember to insert a space before the square brackets…

Okay, that being said, the detailed entries that appear as endnotes require a few simple rules to be learned hard. Each category has to be separated by commas. As far as the name of the author goes, the first name only appears as initials, followed by the last name.

After that, there is the title of the article or book. Now, there are two things to remember. If the author has authored a book, the name of this book will be italicized. Second, if the source is an article, the name will be enclosed in quotation marks.

Now, as far as the other details are concerned, they will be in this order. The name of the journal, followed by the name of the publisher, volume and issue information, and the date of publication.

All things considered, you could be feeling one of these two things: you could either feel so confident that you are already creating a killer reference list with all the right ingredients.

It could be that you still feel like you need more help or practice to make sure you don’t end up messing your grade up. If so, you do deserve the help of a professional essay writer who knows what to do! Avail of a quality essay writing service that can take all your troubles away and guide you towards the best reference lists in the future!

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