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Classifying things is one of the major tasks that we do. There are certain attributes that exist among various things that either connect them to others or make them unique and distinct. Finding out the potential categories on certain principles according to need, then classifying objects is the main aim of the essay. But before writing makes sure you develop an outline to provide you essay help.


A generic outline will give you an idea of how to structure each of your following classification essays. Some changes would be made but the whole structure would generally remain the same.

  1. Start off the introduction paragraph with a hook statement. The hook would be the driving force behind the internet level of the audience members. If you are classifying movies based on genres you can write a hook such as “Ever wondered what makes superheroes distinct while having similar potential capabilities?” If you are confused by a good start, ask others to write essay for me.
  2. End the introduction with the thesis statement that consists of all the categories you have managed to conjure up and the reasons why these came about. A thesis should neither be too broad or too narrow. Expanding on the above hook a thesis could be “Superheroes can be classified into three categories based upon their acquired abilities; First are those that use brute force as their main weapon; Second are those that are born with superhero attributes and finally the third that use technology to gain powers.”
  3. Following body paragraphs would just be supporting the categories that you develop in your introduction. This is the part where you might want to go in-depth regarding why you have made a certain category and what are the best examples. Show and tell is the best way to go about it. Open with a topic sentence and end in transition. A good opening to a paragraph would be “It takes a lot of effort if a person trains to develop his superheroic abilities.” This para would explain the superheroes that use brute force and strength to defeat crime. The other paragraphs would just support the other superhero types and certain compare and contrast sentences would also be used. See how the classification essay outline is taking shape? If you cannot think of the best way to depict your topic, then you can ask for help from a professional ‘ write my paper’ service. These writing services would help you ace that next assignment.
  4. Finally, you have to conclude. Do not just end on a simple summary. Draw some reasons why your categories may be the ultimate with regard to a particular subject. Of course, every mind works differently. Granted there are certain predefined categories but you could think out of the box and divide items based on some new factual perception you may have. Leave the readers with something to think over and question.
  5. The basic 1-3-1 rule outline has been explained. But if you believe that you want to have more divisions and discuss extensive details, then, by all means, add more body paragraphs according to your requirements.

The essay should not be haphazardly going off track. Have a certain direction that would be guided by the thesis. Now once the outline is complete, you will have no trouble crafting your final draft. Just keep a copy of the outline with you and make sure that you do not overlook any important details. You may need to modify your outline several times to get a perfect balance and that is why it is easy at the beginning. Once you start, it may not be possible for you to easily incorporate or change the content. Finally, proofread and submit to the teacher or you can also pay for essay to get it proofread.

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