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Have you ever encountered a situation where you have to deliver a ceremonial speech on a special occasion, at a ceremony or any other event? If yes then an speech or essay writer must know how awkward it gets when he has no idea how to write an exceptional speech.

What is a Commemorative-type Speech?

Most students are asked to deliver a ceremonial speech at their graduation ceremony. Students show their regard and gratitude towards their institute, teachers, and class fellows. A commemorative speech particularly emphasizes on the events that occurred in the past related to the present and the future. The speech should depict aspects like loyalty, wisdom, success, hope, and gratitude.

You need not worry about how to start writing an exceptional speech for your special event. It is just like any other academic piece of writing that requires a proper outline and structure to be followed to write a speech. I will share an outline which will help you write an amazing speech

Outline Steps:

  1. 1. State the significance of your Speech

    You have to make a start by stating the importance of the event along with defining the significance of your speech. You have to be very specific while stating the importance of your topic because it plays a vital part in keeping your audience engaged. Start your speech by referring to the specific event and how it brought people together

  2. 2. Show gratitude

    Then the most important part of the speech is to appreciate your audiences and show gratitude towards them for providing you an opportunity to deliver a speech. Thank all the people who helped you reach the point due to which you are delivering the speech. You use a very positive and humble tone to ensure that you show your gratitude and thanks to people.

  3. 3. Mention the reason for paying tribute

    You have to state the main reason for paying a tribute. You have to be very expressive and outspoken when stating the reason why you are delivering a speech to pay attribute to your subject.

  4. 4. Engage with your audiences

    Engage with your audiences so that they don’t get bored. You have to make your speech interesting by using appealing words, referring to the past stories related to the event, and asking questions to the audiences. Your tone should not be too formal; you can use an informal tone or a pinch of humor to lighten the moods of the audience.

  5. 5. Highlight the importance of their achievements

    While you are paying, you need to highlight the achievements and their importance to show the audiences why it is worth mentioning in your speech. You should not go off the topic and beat around the bush.

  6. 6. Relate with the audiences

    Try to relate to your audiences by giving realistic examples. If you are highlighting the achievements of some person or paying attribute you should encourage your audience to become like that person by sharing how we can improve ourselves to become a better person.

  7. 7. Summarize your speech

    To summarize your speech, once again thank the audiences to show respect towards you for listening to your speech. End a speech with a short story relevant to the event.

Topics for Commemorative Speech

  • Paying attribute to an important personality
  • Attribute to a movement
  • Appreciate the achievements of your family member
  • Celebrations
  • Graduation speech

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