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When it Comes to Writing a Report, There are Two Kinds of People…

If you are anxious about a report on a certain book that you have to write, there could be two reasons behind this unsettling feeling. One is that you have never been a bibliophile and generally, you and books tend to stay away from each other. The other reason could be that although you are quite a reader, you feel that being an avid reader can be immensely different from being able to write a good report. Whoever of these two types of people you are, you are rightfully feeling the way that you are.

Here is a thought to curb your anxiety. This article is going to tell you all there is to know about writing a book report that will make everyone read it way more than twice just for the fun of it. But I know that not everyone can or wants to write a report, particularly if they find it exceptionally hard to read (for a number of reasons).

In that case, you can always contact an efficient and reliable online writing service that can provide you access to a professional essay writer who is quite adept at writing reports such as the one that seems to be a cause for much-unwarranted concern. That being said, it can still pay off to read on (even if you decide to write it or not). Who knows? You may even want to write one if you grasp all there is to grasp about it.

The first thing that you need to know before you formulate a report on a book is, obviously, to read. But this time, you are not reading for leisure (if you do that quite often. In case you don’t have any unlearning to do. Just follow the instructions and rejoice!). When you read for the fun of it, you may not memorize the most important points of the plot or information that describes the characters quite well.

You need to be vigilant when you read a report. Read and note down any important information that belongs to the components of a good report that are coming right up or you can also ask others to write my essay.

The Basic Information

It is customary to provide the name of the book, its author, and the publishing company. Also, mention the date on which the book has been published. This does away with the first step of writing a report. This was not too bad, was it?


You have to give a short description of all the characters in the story. Mention their names and tell the reader about the most basic traits that define who they are. After reading these descriptions, the readers must feel like they understand the characters as well as someone who has not read the book would do. Tell of the positives and negatives. Also, elaborate on any conflicts or traumas that add to the complexity of these characters.

The Place Where it all Takes Place…

Don’t forget to mention the setting of the story where it unfolds. If the settings are more than one, just mention the most dominant ones without discussing which the plot cannot be explained properly. Consider yourself a painter who is adding layer after layer of detail to make a picture clearer and more understandable. In this case, the book is your picture. Oh, and do mention the time at which the whole ordeal takes place. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

The Plot Itself…

Now is the time for the most obvious step. Explain the story briefly but enough to not leave out any essential details. The plot must be summarized and condensed without oversimplifying it so that the story loses its appeal. Your goal is not to make readers stay away from the book after reading your report.

Your Analysis…

Offer your interpretation of the plot by discussing themes that run through the work and their connection with the thesis. Analyze the themes recurring in the plot, characters, and writing style/rhetoric to come up with creative ways to discuss the given text.

Your Opinion…

This is the most interesting part where you get to provide your analysis of the story, the plot, and the characters. This is where you put your own mark on the report and come up with your ideas about the work.

In case you need help, consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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