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The process of essay writing is considered a long road to drive on, and false starts coupled with lengthy revisions are what make this journey long and arduous. During this process, the students are advised, rather obliged, to dodge the bullets of not only plagiarism but also writer’s block.

There are certain problems that students face while writing an essay, and more often, they find it hard to get over the stress and challenges of essay writing.

Below are some problems that writers normally face while writing an essay.


Every true essay writer suffers from crippling self-doubt, loathing, and jealousy of others’ successes.

If you feel like your writing is bad, then step back and take a look. What is it that makes you feel like it is sub-par? Is it the idea itself, or something more fundamental like your grammar or vocabulary? Either way, it is fixable to a degree.

Lack of Passion and motivation

If you are adamant that writing is your calling, then do as I said above. If it is the idea(s) that need help, maybe try using writing prompts to learn what types of ideas actually inspire you. If the ideas are crummy, it could be simply because you are not really passionate about them.

Grammar and vocabulary

If the problem boils down to grammar, vocabulary, or something of that ilk, then just work on that. Read more. Take some English courses. Read up on formatting, voice, perspective, and editing rules. In fact, do some editing yourself. It will make you a much stronger writer.

Lack of Interest in the Topic

Lack of interest in the topic is one of the most common essay writing problems, and students must find something interesting in the topic. If they don’t find the topic interesting, they ought to delve deeper into the topic and analyze minute details regarding the topic.

Performance Pressure or Quality Paranoia

Most people face writing inertia because of some crazy-looking performance pressure or quality paranoia! They are battling a panic all the while - "what if I read stupid?" There's another category too. This includes folks who feel there's nothing new they can add, and hence, why take the hassle. They want to blaze new trails, but never seem to start off!

Lack of Content

Once, you're sure from your innards you have the content, the block is blown away. And that's the key. Content generates either out of original, hard, passionate thinking - blue sky or whatever; or by wide, mad reading. Often, the habit of reading, and reading well begin melting your writing inertia. As content swells up in your head, there comes a point, when a vent becomes mandatory. And writing breaks through.

Paucity of Inspiration

Indeed, one of the delicate problems concerning the essay writing is a paucity of inspiration, however, that's handy. When you surround yourself with writers, you too break out of your shell; It's contagious.

There are always ways to improve, and maybe you feel stuck in a rut. Stop repeating yourself and do something new. Find a new genre or a new perspective. It’s just about finding your niche and then bashing around inside it to make it bigger so that you and all your ideas fit.

If you still feel you cannot get over the problems of essay writing, you can turn to professional essay writing service and ask them for their assistance; this is the best way to unburden yourself.

In the final reckoning, if you feel you have a desire to write, you can become an expert by practicing daily,

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