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Do you know what your common mistakes while writing anything are? It is easy to answer; the most common errors during essay writing are grammatical and sentence structure errors. It is a usual practice that takes time to settle down. Although it is very important to mitigate the errors, it is not impossible. You have to remain patient and enthusiastic during the learning process. But, if you don’t have the patience, you may avail yourself of a “ write my paper” service.

Things do not get done overnight, and grammatical errors in college writing require time to practice and efficacy. If you are a college student and worried about what may come ahead of you. There is a complete guide for you to improve yourself. Life is all about improving and learning to move forward; therefore, do not give up. Below is the list of common grammar and sentence structure errors and guide to avoid them in college writing:

  • Comma splice errors: This is the most common grammatical error that college students make while writing essays. This error means that you are using excessive commas in your sentence, separating dependent clauses, and not using appropriate articles to convey the sense of the sentence.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: This error that usually any essay writer makes is the error of sentence structure. Subject-verb agreement is when you add or remove the plurality or singularity of the verb according to the subject. If the subject is plural, then its verb must be plural. So you have to take care of these errors while writing your essays.
  • Fragmentation: Being a student, you have to take care of the sentence structures. Fragmentation is the unnecessary breaking of the sentence with full stops or commas. Also, fragmentation is breaking the sentence without letting it convey the complete sense. Fragmentation is usually not supported in academic writings; although, it may be supported in reflective essays or dramatic writings.
  • Run-on: This is also an error of grammatical and structural nature. It means that while writing a sentence, you are not using commas, colons, semi-colons, and articles properly. Also, if multiple independent clauses are present in a sentence without breaks, it qualifies as a run-on sentence.

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Keeping a positive attitude and flexible approach towards learning will enable you to avoid errors in essay writing, literature review, analytical essay, and book report. Grammatical and structural errors are the things that give a negative impression on the readers about your work.

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