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If you have been assigned to write an essay following the Chicago format, you must know how to format your paper in this style. However, it is seen that students often commit mistakes while formatting their paper in Chicago style that further take a heavy toll on their grades. Therefore, before writing, they are advised to learn this method of formatting completely to avoid mistakes and errors.

The Chicago manual is different from other formatting styles such as APA and MLA. It includes endnotes or footnotes for in-text citations and numbers them in the text. Besides, its title page does not include a page number or any header. All titles are centralized and come after one-third of the page. However, all other pages use the header and a page number in the right corner of the header. Students and essay writer who is not familiar with this formatting style often make errors while writing essays and get lower grades from their professors.

If you do not know how to format your paper in Chicago style, you should learn it. However, if you are considering asking someone, "Listen! Write my paper as I am unable to do proper formatting,” you need to think twice. It can result in bad content and loss of grades.

Following are some common mistakes that students make in the Chicago style. Let’s have a look at them.

  • 1- Wrong formatting of the title page

    As mentioned above, the title page in Chicago format is different from commonly used formats such as APA and MLA, students often get confused and do wrong formatting of the title page. You should not provide a page number or any header on the title page as in Chicago it does not include any. Besides, the title of the topic must come half a page down and in the center, then the author's name and other information.

  • 2- Writing the title again

    In Chicago style, the title of the topic does not come again on the next page. However, students often put it again before writing their text. This is a mistake and you avoid it while writing your essay. Take help from the paper writing service writers for your work.

  • 3- Wrong paragraph spacing

    Most of the students use extra spaces in their papers among paragraphs. Every paragraph in Chicago format is left side intended with standard spacing. For instance, if you are using double spacing then one entry will be enough for starting another paragraph. Do not add multiple spaces between two paragraphs.

  • 4- Wrong use of endnotes

    Another mistake that students commit in the Chicago format is the wrong use of endnotes. In this format, in-text citations are included in the footnotes with numbers in the text. Therefore, use the standard method of endnotes for in-text citations.

  • 5- Forget to number the endnotes

    This is a very common mistake that students make while formatting their papers in Chicago format. Every in-text citation is numbered in this format, thus numbering them properly. Moreover, when you use one source more than one time on the same page, its endnote will differ from the first-time citation. Students who lack this information often make incorrect citations.

  • 6- Wrong organization

    Even after the correct citation in the text and footnotes, some students fail to organize their papers according to standard Chicago format. Headings of every level are centralized and boldface in this format. However, most of the students use left-aligned headings which is wrong according to this format.

  • 7- Wrong bibliography list

    Another common mistake that students make while formatting their papers in Chicago style is the wrong bibliography. The bibliography provides a list of all the sources that you have used in your essay. Therefore, it must be according to the standard method. However, students do not follow the proper Chicago format of bibliography and commit mistakes. This should be avoided in the paper as it can cast doubts on the veracity of the text.

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