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In research paper writing, the most time taking task is to edit the document according to a specific formatting style. There are multiple formatting styles available that can be used to format the academic paper. Every formatting style contains its own characteristics and rules which as a student you have to follow if you desire to obtain high grades.

Being a student, you must be aware of the most common formatting styles that are APA and MLA. Both citation styles contain guidelines that are completely different from each other. Among all the citation styles, the APA formatting style is considered the easiest one because it does not contain lengthy guidelines. However, in my opinion, MLA is the most convenient one for the students because you do not even have to prepare a separate cover for your work which is compulsory in the case of APA format.

But still, sometimes an essay writer commits mistakes while they are writing a research paper in MLA format. When I was writing an essay in MLA style for the first time, I was not even aware of the basic guidelines so, I hired a writer to write my paper. In case you want to do your work on your own, just keep the following mistakes in mind so you can avoid them.

  • 1. Wrong structure

    Since MLA is the formatting guide that contains a lot of information and minute details, students often fail to follow the correct order. One of the most common mistakes that students commit is the wrong organization of content which leads to unimpressive grades and poor performance. If you want to excel in writing research, there is no other way than following the correct MLA format for organizing your content.

  • 2. Mixing of guidelines

    Often students fail to stick to the one formatting because they mistakenly mix two different editions of MLA format. Remember, the MLA format has a total of 8th editions, and all are different from each other. Even though the differences are not really prominent, a single mistake can diminish your mark. So, before starting writing your paper, make sure that you are using the same edition your teacher has instructed you to use.

  • 3. Misunderstanding the instructions

    The main reason why students commit a mistake while using the MLA format is that they often misunderstand the guidelines. There are many academic terms that one needs to know for writing an MLA paper e.g., most of the students do not even know the use of “et al”. So if you are writing a paper in MLA format, do not forget to ask your teacher about all the important terms. Also, ask someone to write essay for me.

  • 4. Wrong referencing style

    Most of the students commit mistakes while citing the sources. in-text citation and bibliography are two aspects on which need to pay special attention to. The use of inappropriate in-text citations is the main cause why students’ lose grades. If you want to achieve maximum grades, make sure that you are citing the sources according to the correct MLA format. While citing the sources, keep the MLA format guidelines in front of you so you do not miss out on anything.

  • 5. Formatting mistakes

    Other common and most prominent mistakes students mistake while editing the document. Most of the students are not even aware of the standard font size that researchers have to use in MLA paper. Some students do not know about the alignment, heading fonts, etc. if you are one of these students, look for a paper writing service that can help you edit your document according to MLA format.

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