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If you are a college student and learn to analyze arguments and situations critically, you must probably write some of the trickiest English essays. But let us tell you, these essays are as easy as others if you start taking care of some common mistakes you make while writing them. After a few days, you will get used to them and won't make similar mistakes again.

What do you think are the most difficult essays to write if you lack critical analysis? I think it is probably a persuasive essay or an argumentative essay. That is why most students make a lot of major mistakes in such types of essays.

Sometimes these essays might get so hectic that you will start finding people for help. You may even wonder if someone can write my essay for me. Well, you will find every kind of assistance from online essay writing services, so do not worry. Let’s talk about some mistakes that students usually make while writing a persuasive essay topic sentence.

Lacking the main idea

Well, a topic sentence should identify the main discussion in the paragraph. You should be able to relate the entire paragraph to the topic sentence once you are done writing it.

Many people forget to make the topic sentence relevant, making the supporting details and the main persuasions abrupt and coming from nowhere. Although a very general topic sentence may sometimes function properly to show the whole idea of the paragraph, in other cases, it does not assimilate with the main content of the paragraph. Thus it should not be either too general or too specific.

So be careful you start writing a topic sentence for a persuasive essay.

Not able to make the topic sentence appealing

Your topic sentence should look appealing to your reader, so they continue reading your essay till the end. Unfortunately, many people fail to make their topic sentences attention-grabbing that may limit their readers. A paper writing service helps students with their academic assignments.

Making your topic sentence appealing also helps you to improve your grades. A good attention-grabbing topic sentence will probably drive your professor to grade you more than a normal start.

Lack of cohesion between topic sentence and overall topic arguments

Many students do not care much about retaining coherence throughout the essay. Because your arguments are attached to a main idea of discussion, your topic sentence, each argument should show relativity and connection to it.

An essay writer always interrelates the topic with arguments using cohesive devices, transition devices, discourse markers like in addition, and more.

Not being able to write a clear topic sentence

In higher classes, your persuasive essay topic is not a simple statement of two to three words; it will be a complicated essay question. In such situations, you may wonder how to write a clear topic sentence; well, let me tell you, it is as easy as any other form of composing a topic sentence. Many do add some components of the essay question while missing another that makes their topic sentence incomplete and vague. Of course, you should always know the technique of paraphrasing the essay question to make a perfect topic sentence.

Examples and general discussion

Your supporting details and examples should extend and add meaning to your topic sentences. There should be significant assimilation among all the components of a paragraph and the topic sentence. There should not be parts where your topic sentence seems meaningless or irrelevant.

If you can fix the mistakes mentioned above, you will probably produce an excellent topic sentence for a persuasive essay. If you are still stuck somewhere telling an essay writing service to 'write my essay', we suggest you further explore the type of essay through online material. We suggest you avail the services of some excellent online writers.

Read all the blogs available on persuasive essays and become better in no time. We hope you had a productive time reading our suggestions.

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