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Writing a compare and contrast essay is fun; if you start taking interest in it. However, it could be mind-boggling for others. Whatever your situation may be, you will have to do some prewriting before getting to the first draft of your essay. After online research, brainstorming and making notes, it’s time to chalk out a plan of your essay. Draw a compare and contrast essay outline that will provide essay help for you to explore new hot issues.

The tricky thing about writing a compare and contrast essay is that they are hard to organize in a logical and meaningful way. Many students get bad grades only because they were unable to present their arguments in an organized way. Well, an essay writer can create an effective outline by following the recommendations offered in the following article.

Why should you make an outline?

The outline is mostly underestimated by students. However, it is a very crucial step in writing an outstanding essay, especially when we talk about writing a compare and contrast essay outline. They develop a skeleton for your essay and you can add flesh to it by adding body paragraphs using transition words. This helps you present your arguments in a logical way or you can always ask others to write essay for me at affordable rates.

How to structure the compare and contrast essay outline?

The structure of an essay is similar to other kinds of essays. A basic compare and contrast essay has three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the outline of these essays is a bit different from that of other types of essays. These essays have a peculiar structure for their body paragraphs. Moreover, the conclusion is also a bit different.

Outlining Introduction

Essay Topic: You should begin your essay by specifying your essay topic.

Purpose: Here you let the readers know about the purpose of your essay.

Significance: You should make it clear why it is necessary to discuss the similarities and differences between the two or more subjects.

Thesis Statement: This is the main pillar of your essay. Here you make it clear that the respective subjects have similarities and dissimilarities and they need to be discussed.

Outlining the body paragraphs

As stated earlier, the body paragraphs of compare and contrast essays have a different organizing pattern than other types of essays. There are two very distinct structures that are widely used to organize this type of essay.

Point by point structure

In this method, you enlist all the similarities and differences of both subjects simultaneously. Here is how you will organize the body paragraphs according to this structure:

  1. First body paragraph:
    1. Topic sentence
    2. How is it significant and relevant to subject A?
    3. What is its significance and relevance for subject B?

    You would organize your second and third body paragraphs in the same manner.

Block Method

According to the block arrangement of body paragraphs, you will first discuss one subject in one paragraph and then will move on to discuss the other subject in the second paragraph. Here is how you would structure your body paragraphs according to the block method:

  1. First body paragraph:
    1. The topic sentence about subject A
      1. Characteristic 1
      2. Characteristic 2
      3. Characteristic 3
  2. Second body paragraph:
    1. The topic sentence about subject B
      1. Characteristic 1
      2. Characteristic 2
      3. Characteristic 3

No matter which method you use in your essay, you should always start your paragraphs with a topic sentence.

Outlining the conclusion

Unlike other types of essays, you should not be only restating the thesis in the conclusion but rather expanding it as well. You can do that by discussing the significance of your comparative and contrasting analysis and its outcomes.

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